Remote Monitoring, Industrial

Break Through The Noise: Introducing the Operations Overview Dashboard

Introducing the Operations Overview Dashboard, an interactive, real-time view of critical equipment metrics for operations managers.

New Features, Remote Monitoring

Scale Up with Dashboard Templates

Today we’re excited to launch dashboard templates, a new feature that allows you to clone dashboards across hundreds assets in just a f...

New Features, Remote Monitoring

Meet the New Industrial Configuration Experience

We’ve been working side-by-side with our customers and partners to reimagine the industrial configuration process, and today, we’re exc...

Remote Monitoring, Industrial

OEMs & Equipment Rentals: How to Evaluate Technology for New Digital Services

Equipment rental companies and OEMs are very aware of the benefits of digitizing their business. Here, we break down some of the criter...

Remote Monitoring, Condition Monitoring

Introducing the IG15 Industrial Gateway with CAN Bus Support

Today we’re excited to introduce the Samsara IG15, an all new Industrial Gateway that extends the power of Samsara’s Industrial Dashboa...

Remote Monitoring, Industrial

3 Ways for Water Operators to Easily Create Cloud-based SCADA Dashboards

Creating SCADA dashboards doesn’t have to take hours of time or be cost-prohibitive. Learn how to use cloud-based SCADA from Samsara.

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