Customer Spotlight: Samsara x San Jose Water Company

November 30, 2018

Serving over 1 million people, San Jose Water (SJW) company is one of the largest and most technically sophisticated urban water districts in the United States. With an emphasis on exceptional customer service, SJW delivers high-quality water to customers using a distributed network consisting of hundreds of facilities, pumps, lift stations, tanks, and other critical infrastructure.

San Jose Water uses Samsara technology to gain real-time visibility into pumps and equipment to ensure efficient operational management, higher reliability, informed capital planning, and better customer service.


  • Real-time visibility into power meters, PLCs, and sensors across hundreds of pump and other facilities allows SJWC to monitor operations for safety, reliability, and cost

  • Live Operational Efficiency is automatically calculated and tracked in order to inform day-to-day decisions, reduce overall operating costs, and improve capital investments

  • Machine Health monitoring on all critical equipment with live vibration and temperature prevents unplanned downtime and automates manual preventative maintenance checks

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