Find Anything In Seconds With the New Search

February 25, 2019

Enterprise software solutions can be clunky, resulting in frustrating and inefficient information searches. Unlike traditional systems, at Samsara we pride ourselves on making technology that is as robust as it is easy to use.

That’s why today, we’re excited to introduce a new search functionality that allows customers to quickly search across the entire Samsara platform. This new search functionality allows you to search your entire Samsara dashboard from any page on Samsara, with a few keystrokes.

Using the New Search

To search for what you want to find or navigate between your most frequently used tabs, simply use your keyboard to press Control + K on a PC or Command-K on a MacBook from any page when logged into

Using this tool, you can search:

  • Fleet Tabs: Jump between Overview, Drivers or Routes

  • Drivers: Enter a driver’s name or phone number to pull up their driver log or your message history

  • Reports: Pull up important reports like Driver HOS, or DVIRs

  • Help Center Content: View our Help Center for relevant help articles

The goal of this new search functionality isn’t just to make searching easier, it’s to help make fleet managers and dispatchers more efficient in their day to day.

Making Daily Operations Smoother (One Search at a Time)

Our customers tell us time and time again that they’re often the main source of information for various parts of their business, fielding questions and requests from internal teams and external customers alike. This experience — having questions coming at you from all directions — is virtually universal for fleet managers. So, using a tool that allows you to quickly navigate between tasks, and immediately pinpoint answers to questions across disparate pieces of your business is critical to maintaining productivity (and sanity.)

Here are a few examples of how managers can use the new search functionality to be more efficient:

Answer questions from your internal team with confidence. For example, questions often arise with payroll teams about billable hours for specific drivers based on their HOS logs. Simply type in the name (or phone number) of the driver in question and pull their accurate logs.

If at any point, you’re wanting to learn more about a certain feature or function on the dashboard, or if you need guidance on setting something up, easily use this search functionality to access the hundreds of help articles stored in our Samsara Knowledge Base.

This new search functionality illustrates Samsara’s commitment to building products that are best in class (like introducing the latest in edge computing with our AI fueled dash cams) but also tools that naturally integrate into our customer’s work day, saving them time and stress.

If you are not yet a Samsara customer and would like to learn more, schedule a free demo!

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