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Go Paperless with Electronic Signature Capture

January 6, 2020


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The last year marked a few milestones for our Documents feature. Here are a few numbers that stood out to us in 2019:

  • 2,900: The number of unique templates our customers designed for their operations.

  • 8: Our customers provided feedback that inspired eight feature updates, including document submission alerts, new API endpoints, and the ability to view documents within routes.

  • 2.1 million: The number of documents -- proofs of delivery, property damage waivers, customer invoices, site inspection forms, etc. -- captured and submitted by drivers.

By moving away from paper-based workflows in 2019, our customers freed up 652,000 hours that would have otherwise be spent processing files, saved $1.2 million in postage costs, and avoided using 11 tons of paper (which saved 260 trees!).

While going paperless clearly has tremendous benefits, nearly 50% of businesses still print paper forms just to get signatures. That’s why we’re excited to start the new year with a new feature: electronic signature (e-signature).

Improve your customer experience

Nobody likes printing forms, signing them, and scanning them back in. Give your customers a better experience by letting them accept and approve agreements on the spot. Electronic signature fields can be added to any document template. This means the same all-in-one Driver App that your drivers use to log hours, view routes, and take photos can be used to capture signatures. All customers have to do is review and sign with their finger.

Accelerate business processes

With e-signature, you can collect authentic, legally binding signatures at the point of service. All signatures and documents are instantly uploaded and indexed in the Samsara Dashboard, so you don’t have to wait for physical signatures to arrive before processing invoices, damage claims, and more.

Boost operational efficiency and productivity

Rather than spending time printing and tracking paperwork, your team can complete work faster and spend time on higher-value tasks. Your drivers won’t have to worry about losing important paperwork while on the road, and your back office won’t have to spend hours tracking down physical signatures.

Go paperless in the new year

With Samsara, your team doesn’t need to learn any new software to reap all the benefits of electronic signature capture. We’re proud to offer e-signature as part of our complete fleet management platform -- no need for additional integrations, and at no additional cost.

If you’re ready to digitize your fleet workflows but you’re not yet a Samsara customer, get in touch to request a free trial. Here’s to a productive, paperless 2020!


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