Introducing A Better Way To Dispatch

February 22, 2017

For most dispatchers, their days revolve around hundreds of phone calls and texts. There are a ton of variables to consider when matching drivers to jobs (Which drivers are available? Where are they? Do they have the right tools or products?). Finding a simple solution that actually improves this daily decision-making process is challenging.

Today we’re pleased to release a massive update of Samsara Dispatch, designed to improve daily processes for dispatchers.

The new Samsara Dispatch introduces faster coordinating of jobs, full visibility of jobs in progress, and accurate historical records. It’s designed to reduce the headaches of dispatching and increase jobs without extra costs. Here’s how it works:

Assign Jobs In Seconds

1. Type in the name of a customer, and their address is automatically filled in.

2. Assign a vehicle or driver to dispatch the closest driver to an urgent job. You’ll see the ETA for all vehicles, accounting for traffic, so you can pick the closest vehicle for the job.

3. Add notes and assign the job. The driver is notified of the job, along with notes, via the Samsara Driver App. Dispatchers can assign multiple jobs and the Samsara Driver App keeps them all organized in a queue for drivers. You can plan a driver’s entire day in minutes.

Monitor Job Progress

Jobs are now sorted by status so monitoring their progress is simple. There are five job statuses: Assigned, Started, Completed, Cancelled, or Unassigned.

When the driver is notified of the new job via the Samsara Driver App they can begin the assigned job (Started). The driver finishes a job, marking it complete (Complete). It’s recorded in Completed jobs, where it’s easy to reference at a moment’s notice.

It’s simple to find jobs which require attention in the Unassigned category. Click a job, then assign, reschedule, or cancel it. Unassigned jobs for all dates are findable with one click.

Visualize All Job Locations Across the Service Area

On the brand new interactive dispatch map, you can see all of today’s job locations alongside all real-time vehicle locations. It doubles as a status board for dispatch offices and an easy way to see where business is coming from for both real-time decision making and long-term planning.

From the map, selecting a Started job shows the live ETA of the assigned vehicle, which you can share with customers so they know when to expect the visit.

Integrates With Third Party Dispatch Tools

Samsara offers an open API that makes it easy to integrate with third-party dispatch tools. You can plan jobs in a dedicated software, then use the API to inject job details into Samsara. Your team will see the jobs in the Samsara Dashboard, and drivers will see them in the Driver App.

Reduce Headaches And Increase Jobs Without Extra Costs

Just like other Samsara fleet management tools, Dispatch fits seamlessly into your business and improves everyday processes, ultimately growing your bottom line.

Increase Job Efficiency: Find the closest available vehicle to complete more jobs every day.

Provide Better Customer Service: Live job status ensures jobs are assigned as quickly as possible and are never ignored, providing the best experience for your customers.

Keep the Field and Office in Sync: Samsara Driver App works alongside Dispatch to ensure dispatchers, drivers, and fleet managers always have consistent, up-to-date job information.

Fits Into Established Routines: Dispatch is designed to fit into your dispatch team’s established routines. It eliminates paper and whiteboard-based dispatching processes and integrates with existing work order and billing tools via the Samsara API.

Included At No Extra Cost: Dispatch is integrated into Samsara’s total fleet management and maintenance solution. Both Dispatch and the Samsara Driver App are available to customers at no extra cost.

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