Introducing Live Tachograph Data and Instant Analysis

September 24, 2019

Tachograph compliance is a disruptive, time-consuming and heavy burden for British and European fleets. Ensuring drivers take appropriate rest periods, obtaining relevant and accurate data, and avoiding infringements can consume hours for transport managers every week.

That’s why today, we’re excited to announce that we’re expanding our tachograph solution to include live tachograph updates and tachograph analysis. These features will make essential tachograph information available in real-time to simplify compliance, enhance efficiency and cut costs.

Live tachograph data turns compliance into an advantage

Live tachograph status updates help you turn tachograph data into an active planning tool. With a click, transport managers can see:

  • Driving status of all drivers

  • Drivers with the least or most remaining driving hours

  • If drivers are nearing an infringement

  • Which drivers are behind the wheel of each vehicle

Instead of relying on guesswork and calculations, transport managers can use this data to make plans, develop routes or dispatch drivers. Calls asking if drivers have the time to take on another job can become a thing of the past, helping to fit in more runs and increase efficiency.

With visibility into remaining driving hours, customers can not only improve their efficiency, but also avoid costly infringements.

Instant tachograph analysis makes compliance simple

Should an infringement occur, Samsara’s in-depth Social Infringement Reports will identify it automatically. These reports capture core EU infringements and display them visually, making it easy to identify when these violations took place.

Customers can also use this feature to generate driver infringement letters, helping companies to easily meet the transportation legislation requirements for reporting with minimal effort. Fleet managers can easily print out reports and share them with drivers for acknowledgment and coaching purposes.

Part of a complete solution

With these new features, Samsara offers a complete tachograph management solution, covering everything from remote tachograph downloads to infringement reports to live status updates. Rather than use multiple systems for downloading and analysis, customers can rely on Samsara for all of their compliance needs.

Best of all? Tachograph management is included as part of Samsara’s integrated platform for real-time tracking, safety, maintenance, routing, and compliance. So you have everything needed to run your fleet efficiently in one place -- and at no extra cost.

As Joe Sinden, fleet manager at haulage company, S.J. Barrick Limited, says, "To be able to go from vehicle tracking to driving hours to documents with two clicks of a mouse is incredible. There are very few other systems that can do that."

Try it yourself today

Since entering the UK market a year ago, our comprehensive solution has had quick adoption across fleets of all sizes. Building products specific to British and European fleets is a focus for us. Our advanced tachograph solution is one of the results of that focus and came, in part, from direct feedback we heard from our customers.

Samsara is committed to providing best-in-class technology to help our customers improve the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of their operations. We are excited to offer these new tachograph features to our existing customers at no additional cost. If you’re interested in trying Samsara’s tachograph solution and complete platform for the first time, reach out here for a free trial.

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