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Introducing the IG15 Industrial Gateway with CAN Bus Support

June 30, 2020


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Today, we’re excited to introduce the Samsara IG15, our latest Industrial Gateway that extends the power of Samsara’s Industrial Dashboards to new applications and use cases. The IG15 is designed to help customers improve maintenance, maximize uptime, and deliver better customer service across a wide range of assets including generators, construction equipment, oilfield service equipment, leasable pumps, tanks, lifts, and more. It features:

  • Real-time visibility with historical data trending in Samsara’s Industrial Dashboard

  • Integrated high-powered cellular connectivity with pre-provisioned service and external, signal-boosting antennas

  • Complete integration with the IG-family for a single view of every asset

  • A ruggedized, IP69K-rated enclosure for extensive wear and tear

  • An internal battery for low-power GPS tracking when assets are not in use

Improve maintenance and maximize uptime across your industrial assets

The IG15 is part of Samsara Industrial’s complete platform for remote monitoring, SCADA and Industrial IoT. That means you’ll be able to visualize all of your asset data in easy-to-customize dashboards with granular, one-second resolution from any device. Using alarms and notifications, you can also easily notify an operator or technician anytime an SPN falls outside of an expected threshold with configurable criticality levels. 

Additionally, the IG15 stores unlimited time-series data in the cloud allowing you to visualize KPI changes over time in line graphs and charts. With a clear visual of changes in performance, you can better prevent failures, reduce downtime, and avoid costly replacements.

All of your industrial assets in a single platform

Because it seamlessly integrates with all other products in the IG-family, the IG15 makes it easy for you to manage all of your assets in one place, eliminating separate and disjointed point solutions. Whether you are collecting data via SAE J1939 with the IG15 or Modbus RTU/TCP, EtherNet/IP, and ROC data via the IG21, you’ll be able to visualize, alert, and act on all of your data in the same Industrial dashboards saving you time, training, and integration costs.

Designed for rapid return on your investment

When it comes to installing the IG15, there are no servers to set up or additional software packages to install, simply connect your assets to gain immediate visibility in Industrial Dashboards. And unlike legacy solutions that require manual updates and patches over time, Samsara is purpose-built to operate securely as cyber threats continuously evolve. Automatic over-the-air updates ensure that your devices are always up to date with the latest and most secure software and firmware, with little to no downtime required. 

We look forward to getting this powerful new product in the hands of our customers, and seeing how they leverage this new technology to transform their businesses. The IG15 is available immediately - visit our product page to learn more and get in touch to request a free trial.


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