Love Your Drivers: Tips to Improve Driver Retention

Love Your Drivers: Tips to Improve Driver Retention

February 27, 2018

With the trucking industry facing a nationwide driver shortage and rising turnover, there’s never been a better time for fleet managers to show their drivers that they care.

Real World Logistics President Steve Schommer considers hiring and retaining drivers to be a critical challenge for the industry.

“Drivers today have a real sense of what they value in a workplace environment - even if that environment is a truck,” said Schommer. “If you’re doing it right, you find out what motivates your drivers and make changes to maximize that motivation.”

Schommer, who started his career as a driver decades ago, believes addressing the driver shortage requires far-reaching changes. "A giant industry shift needs to take place,” he said. “It comes down to a higher degree of respect by companies, shippers, and receivers for the drivers.”

As an example, he noted how efficiency issues in the shipping and receiving departments impact wait time for drivers, sometimes causing entire-day wait delays. If a driver’s pay structure is based on time on the road, then the driver loses those hours with no compensation while waiting for the truck to be loaded or unloaded.

While changes across the industry will take time, individual companies can take matters into their own hands by launching driver retention and safety incentive initiatives. Whether it’s reconfiguring the interior of a truck to better fit female drivers, offering more generous time-off policies, or awarding bonuses for driving excellence and safety, Schommer highlights that it is imperative to focus on the employee experience.

“You really have to care for the people,” he said. “If you motivate and train and treat people right, they will do amazing things. That’s the key.”

Trailer Services, a full service freight transport and shipping company based in Washington, started its safety incentive program based on that same philosophy of putting people first.

Every month, the company celebrates its Driver of the Month: the driver with the best Samsara safety score. The winner receives a cash gift card and recognition across the organization. Besides identifying the Driver of the Month, Trailer Services also awards Safety Bonuses each quarter to drivers with no driving violations, as well as cash gift cards for clean DOT inspections.

“Our program helps us create a culture that appreciates our drivers and supplements their livelihood,” said General Manager Tracy Ridout. “We worked closely with our drivers to identify a system that felt good for everyone involved and set everybody up for success.”

alt text Driver Michael LaBay poses with Trailer Services’ Samsara Driver Safety Report, which landed him a gift card and the honor of being Driver of the Month for December 2017.

Trailer Services has used a mentorship program to assist with driver development. Ridout and his team of driving mentors rely on data from the Samsara Dashboard to help coach newer drivers on safety best practices. Using information about harsh acceleration, harsh braking, and vehicle speed, they have immediate visibility into driver behavior. With the new Samsara safety leaderboard in the Driver App, Trailer Services has even more tools at its disposal to motivate drivers.

“Through the data that we have, we’re finding a whole variety of ways to reinforce safe behavior,” said IT specialist Zach Waber. “Now each driver also has the individual metrics they need to proactively improve their skills and safety.”

For Ridout and Waber, the company’s initiatives have improved the safety of the fleet, but even more importantly, helped create a community of drivers. These cross-team relationships are proving to be immensely valuable across the company, and Ridout hopes that Trailer Services’ driver-centric culture will help the company stand out when it comes to recruiting new drivers and retaining employees.

Do you utilize initiatives for driver retention or promoting safety at your company? We would love to hear how you show appreciation to your drivers as well as encourage and develop safe driving in your organization. Fill out this survey and you could be featured in a future article.

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