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Now Available: New Tools to Elevate Your Customer Experience

March 4, 2019


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Meeting customer expectations in the age of Amazon is no easy task. Amazon is continually raising the bar across all industries for reliable ETAs and prompt deliveries. Whether your fleet serves consumers at home or transports goods to other businesses, 80% of customers believe that the overall experience you provide is as important as the actual products and services you deliver. So how can your fleet meet, and even exceed, expectations?

Today, we’re excited to introduce three new features to help you:

  • Keep customers informed by using Live Sharing to communicate real-time ETAs and vehicle locations.

  • Shorten customer response times by making it easy for your team to access all the details related to deliveries on the Stop Detail page.

  • Improve route efficiency by leveraging at-a-glance insights from the Planned vs. Actual Report.

Provide Real-Time ETAs with Live Sharing

A few years ago, we introduced a feature called Fleet Viewer to enable employees and customers to track real-time vehicle locations and up-to-the-minute ETAs from a shared URL. We believe that communication is the cornerstone of every great customer experience, and we wanted to help fleets eliminate the time and effort it takes to answer questions such as “Where is my vehicle?” and “When is it scheduled to arrive?”

Today, the process of sharing ETAs is getting a few upgrades:

  • First, you’ll notice that Fleet Viewer has been renamed to “Live Sharing” across the Samsara dashboard.

  • Second, we’ve added a new way to create shareable links. Now, you can create Live Sharing links directly from any Vehicle page, reducing the number of clicks it takes to create a link. You can still create Live Sharing links from Routes and by setting up Route Stop Arrival Alerts, as well as from our Settings page.

With a more intuitive name, fresh new look, and streamlined design, Live Sharing makes it easy to provide real-time ETAs and delight your customers.


See Delivery Details in One Place

How often does your fleet have to answer customer calls that question the quality of your service? How many systems and files do you need to dig through in order to prove that your driver arrived on time and your products and services were satisfactory?

With our new Stop Detail feature, you can get a comprehensive view of what happens at each stop in a matter of seconds. Samsara combines your route plans with precise GPS tracking, temperature data, and digital documents. When your back office can quickly access all your delivery details on one page, not only does the speed of customer service improve, but the quality of your operations shines through.

Improve Your Routes with Planned vs. Actual Reporting

Experts agree that great customer experiences start with operational excellence. But one of the biggest challenges in maintaining high quality operations is managing customer route commitments without breaking the bank.

Our new Planned vs. Actual Report analyzes the performance for all of your routes (whether they’re one-time or recurring) against your route plans. You can investigate deviations from plan in terms of time or distance, identify trends in performance over time, and drill into individual route histories. If you want to dig even deeper, you can export data into a CSV for your own analysis.

Planned vs Actual Distance

With at-a-glance insights into your routing operations, you can quickly identify areas for improvement. You can evaluate whether or not your drivers are executing against plan, revisit planning assumptions, or adjust ETAs for certain route stops.

Connect Your Operations to Delight Customers

What makes Live Sharing, Stop Detail, and the new Planned vs. Actual Report such powerful tools for your fleet? These tools gather data from across your operations, making it easier for both your employees and customers to understand what's happening behind the scenes. By connecting every part of your fleet operations, you can boost operational efficiency and improve customer satisfaction.

As always, our new features are now available to existing customers at no additional cost. If you are not yet a Samsara customer but want to see how Samsara can help your fleet elevate your customer experience, get in touch to request a free trial!


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