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Now Available: New Tools to Streamline Driver Workflows

April 11, 2019

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How do you share important information with your drivers when they are on the move? More importantly, how do you do that safely, accurately, and efficiently?

Keeping your drivers and back office on the same page often requires complex coordination. When you rely on phone calls to communicate with drivers, it can be challenging to keep your team up to date with the latest weather conditions, route changes, and customer requests. And if you rely on paper-based workflows, it takes a lot of time and manual effort for your back office to collect and process important documents submitted by your drivers.

Today, we’re excited to announce several new developments to improve fleet communication and streamline driver workflows. With the latest updates to our Documents and Messaging features, you can:

  • Boost driver productivity and reduce data entry errors by adding multiple choice fields to any Document.

  • Increase back office efficiency by setting up Document Submission Alerts to get notifications as soon as important forms are submitted.

  • Improve driver communication by using Text to Speech for safe, distraction-free messaging.

Boost Driver Productivity and Improve Information Accuracy

Whether your fleet transports passengers, performs residential services, or delivers fuel, Samsara makes it easy for drivers to accurately capture information on the job. You can customize Documents that drivers can fill out and submit with our easy-to-use Driver App. In addition to adding text, photo, and number fields to your Documents, you can now set up multiple choice fields. These present your drivers with a fixed list of answer options, making it easier for drivers to complete documents and avoid manual entry errors.

For example, drivers can choose the product they delivered from a specific list of products on your Proof of Delivery document. Or, you can set up Documents for drivers to select a specific fuel type for a Fuel Purchase document.

Increase Back Office Efficiency with Instant Document Alerts

Our new Document Submission Alerts enable your team to receive email and text notifications as soon as a document is submitted. Each alert contains a link to the relevant documents, making it easy for your team to locate the information it needs.

With instant alerts, your safety team can respond instantly to an Accident Report. Your dispatchers can vet proofs of delivery as soon as they come in. Your accounting team can kick off billing processes as soon as an invoice is submitted. With Samsara, every team has real-time awareness of documents that need attention, helping save time and boost operational efficiency.

Improve Driver Communication with Text to Speech Messaging

Many fleets use Samsara’s two-way Messaging feature to help their drivers stay safe and informed. Samsara makes it easy to send the right messages to the right drivers at the right time -- messages can be sent to individual recipients or broadcast to groups.

We’ve added a new Text to Speech feature that helps keep your drivers up to speed while keeping their eyes on the road. With Text to Speech, incoming messages can be played out loud, providing a safe, distraction-free way for drivers to receive updates on any tablet or smartphone.

A Complete Platform to Streamline Driver Workflows

Documents and Messaging features are part of Samsara’s complete platform for fleet management. You can even use our open APIs to further customize workflows and automatically populate documents with data from your existing systems.

These new Documents and Messaging features are now available to existing customers at no additional cost. If you are not yet a Samsara customer but want to see how Samsara can help your fleet streamline driver workflows, get in touch to request a free trial!

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