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Samsara Compliance Solution Now Certified for the Canadian ELD Mandate

December 2, 2021


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Last Updated May 26, 2022 (on March 7, 2022, CCMTA announced that full enforcement of the Canadian ELD mandate is postponed to January 2023)

Today we’re excited to announce the latest milestone in our path to serving fleets that operate in Canada: Samsara has achieved third-party certification for our ELD solution, confirming compliance with the Canadian ELD mandate. 

This certification is a continuation of our close work with our Canadian customers, external advisors, industry groups, and applicable regulators as we continue delivering innovative solutions to meet the country’s unique compliance needs. 

Read on to learn why third-party certification matters and how to prepare for the upcoming full enforcement deadline.

Certified solutions enable fleets to operate with confidence

Unlike in the U.S., where the FMCSA instructs ELD providers to register and self-certify that their ELDs meet functional requirements, Transport Canada’s ELD mandate requires providers to submit their ELDs to an accredited third-party certification body. This process protects carriers by ensuring that any ELDs used in Canada are compliant with ELD requirements, so that HOS logs cannot be falsified.

Samsara’s ELD compliance solution—which includes real-time vehicle telematics and our easy-to-use Driver App—is now officially listed as a certified ELD on Transport Canada’s website. The certification process, led by accredited certification body FPInnovations, evaluates ELDs in hundreds of scenarios through both road testing and bench testing. 

For years our ELD solution has helped thousands of fleet customers maintain compliance while operating in Canada, the U.S., and during cross-border trips. With today’s certification, customers can be confident that they’re using a solution that helps them stay fully compliant with both the U.S. and Canadian ELD mandates.

Canadian ELD Compliance Product Family

Evaluate ELDs early to prepare for full enforcement

Complying with the ELD mandate isn’t just about procuring a device; it’s about preparing your entire organization to change your compliance workflows, which can take time and planning. Even though full enforcement of the Canadian ELD mandate won’t come into effect until January 2023, experts recommend that you start your ELD transition early. Not only will an early adoption approach help you smooth the transition for your team, but it means you can also deploy workflows that increase efficiency across your entire operation. 

While the exact timeline for rolling out ELDs depends on a number of factors, including the number of drivers and locations you have, having a well-prepared implementation plan can help you get up and running quickly. At Samsara, our in-house team partners with customers to provide implementation, training, and support services. After working with thousands of customers, our experts recommend taking a phased approach to ensure a successful, on-time roll-out.  

ELD rollout timeline

Your partner in transforming your operations

Implementing the right ELD affords you an opportunity to transform your operations. For example, ELDs can provide real-time visibility into driver status and vehicle locations, helping you improve dispatch operations and serve customers more efficiently. With Samsara, the same mobile app that drivers use to log their HOS can also be used to access routes, perform vehicle inspections, and digitize paperwork. Drivers benefit from a more streamlined experience that increases satisfaction and boosts productivity.

No matter where you are in your ELD transition process, Samsara is here to help you succeed. If you are an existing customer, you can visit your dashboard to activate mandate-specific features on a schedule that works for you. You won’t need new hardware, and updates will be seamlessly deployed over the air, so you can prevent downtime and disruption to your operations. If you are not yet a Samsara customer, don’t hesitate to reach out for a free trial

We look forward to helping our customers navigate this mandate while staying safe and compliant with Transport Canada’s rules and regulations.


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