Samsara - Now 100% Compliant with the FMCSA's ELD Mandate

July 10, 2017

We are excited to announce that as of our July release, Samsara's fleet management solution is now ELD Compliant and has been approved by the FMCSA.

The solution, which has passed the exhaustive technical criteria specified in the ELD Mandate, is now listed on FMCSA's online registry of approved vendors. We are beginning the process of rolling out the new version of the software to customers as an over-the-air update.

While many of our customers have been planning for the new Hours of Service regulations for months now, many fleets are just beginning to prepare for the mandate. The FMCSA's ELD Mandate is a new law requiring fleets to replace paper service logs and electronic recorders with new Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). ELDs have interfaces for drivers to set their duty status, complete daily logs, and present electronic logs to officers performing inspections. Unlike previously available electronic loggers, new ELDs must connect directly to the vehicle's engine and monitor usage to ensure logs cannot be falsified.

The ELD Mandate aims to annually avoid thousands of crashes, save lives by reducing drowsy driving, and save billions of dollars in paperwork expenses. But we also recognize that any new regulation has the potential to increase operational overhead and complexity, and that meeting compliance requirements can be a burden for business owners. For that reason we've worked closely with our customers to develop a solution that is 100% compliant, yet is still easy to use for fleet managers, administrators, and drivers.

Moreover, we purpose-build our ELD, from scratch, for our fleet platform (versus bolting on 3rd party app or adapting a legacy HOS logger.) This approach provides ELD compliance as part of a complete, tightly-integrated fleet management platform - including GPS, dispatch, safety / video, apps, and in-cab connectivity. We are excited to see that in the process of (often begrudgingly) meeting the ELD mandate, many customers are pleasantly surprised to see the the technology that accompanies Samsara's ELD actually reduce cost, increase safety, and enable improved customer service.

If you are an existing Samsara customer, no action is required on your part - you will receive the new ELD functionality as a seamless over-the-air software update as we gradually roll out the new functionality across our customer base. If you haven't yet deployed an ELD-ready solution and want to try Samsara yourself, ask us about a free trial.

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