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Why It Pays to Track Unpowered Assets

March 1, 2018


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We've all lost our car keys or sunglasses. But what about losing a 4,000 pound dumpster? Or a portable bathroom with marble countertops?

Day after day, our customers in construction, distribution, and rental industries tell us that they struggle to keep track of large, portable assets—like dumpsters, drilling rigs, containers, porta-potties, and even rail cars.

Never a fan of hide and seek, Samsara decided to tackle this issue head on. Our new AG41 tracks your unpowered assets and puts you in control.

With a 5-year battery, location check-ins twice a day, automated reporting, and geofence alerts, Samsara’s unpowered asset tracker helps businesses:

  1. Save time with a birds-eye view of all assets and automated inventory reports.

  2. Generate more revenue by billing based on time-on-site and identifying unused assets.

  3. Reduce loss by sending alerts when an asset leaves its intended location.

Is asset tracking worth it?

Maybe your business has considered tracking unpowered assets before, or maybe this is your first time evaluating solutions. Either way, you’re probably wondering if it’s worth it. If you’ve ever lost equipment, searched tirelessly for specific assets, undercharged for your services, or left valuable assets unused and collecting dust, then you could be leaving money on the table.

Quick payback for rentals and equipment left on job sites

Asset tracking provides rapid value for fleets and businesses that rent equipment or leave assets on job sites for long periods of time. One of our customers uses AG41s to track dumpsters left on work sites for months at a time. They use Samsara's Time on Site and Dormancy reports to bill accurately and increase overall revenue, as well as to remind drivers to pick up overdue dumpsters to improve utilization.

Time savings and reduced loss, no more endless searches

For businesses that keep assets on-site, financial savings and peace of mind come from knowing that every asset is present and accounted for. Using customizable, location-based alerts, Samsara customers protect their remote assets (and sanity) by knowing if, where, and when expensive assets move.

Whether your business regularly misplaces assets or you're not even sure what's missing, Samsara provides operational savings by simplifying inventory management, detecting unauthorized movement, and increasing the likelihood of recovery.

AG41 on Dumpster

How to pick a remote monitoring solution

Once you decide to track unpowered assets, the next step is to choose a solution that is rugged, powerful, and self-sufficient.

Samsara’s AG41 is sturdy enough to withstand extreme elements. We’ve tested it on everything from tractor trailers to jet skis, and the powerful, built-in battery lasts 3 to 5 years without replacement or charging—even during cold northeasters or sweltering Southern summers. Whether your business has 10 or 10,000 assets, the AG41 can be installed stress-free and requires almost zero upkeep.

As soon as the device is activated, the AG41 sends data to the Samsara Cloud for seamless tracking, reporting, and business insights. Unlike other standalone systems, Samsara can sync data from not just your unpowered assets, but also your vehicles and warehouses to create one integrated dashboard for all of your operational needs.

Get a free trial today

GPS tracking for unpowered assets is available today. If you’re an existing customer, reach out to your Samsara rep to see how the AG41 can end yard hunts and protect your assets. If you’re not a customer yet, sign up for a live demo to experience Samsara’s fleet management and asset monitoring platform firsthand.


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