Site Visibility

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Hybrid cloud architecture and third-party integration

Overlay powerful AI on top of any third-party IP security camera for enhanced worksite visibility. Simply plug in our on-premise Site Gateway, a cloud-backed Network Video Recorder (NVR), and stream footage from anywhere.

Seamless device onboarding

Leverage third-party IP cameras

Make any security camera smart

site visibility site camera

Remote and on-the-go visibility across sites

Gain real-time visibility into expansive or remote sites and view all camera streams from your pocket. Granular user permissions allow relevant stakeholders to access just the security camera footage they need.

Mobile app and browser-based dashboard

Real-time data and insights

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hd video

Reduce time spent monitoring video footage

Be immediately notified of unsafe or unusual activity through intelligent detections and alerting—no need for active monitoring.

Triggered people and motion alerts

Secure your end-to-end operations

92% reduction in time spent reviewing footage with proactive alerts
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Operational efficiency motion detection

Improve operational workflows

Identify process or operational inefficiencies with powerful insights and inactivity alerts. Reduce unplanned downtime and review onsite activity even from far away.

Inactivity alerts to improve response time

Remote time studies

8% increase in weekly profit margins due to increased visibility
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Inspect Data

Streamline incident investigation and review

Spend less time investigating incidents using AI-driven search tools. Whether a theft occurred last night or equipment was improperly stored, quickly uncover and share interesting footage.

Find and review incidents in minutes

Easily find, share, and export footage

Reviewed and investigated onsite incidents 83% faster
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proactive safety unusual activity

Case Study Video

See how 3 customers use Site Visibility to streamline their operations.

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Overlay powerful and advanced AI onto 3rd party camera streams, making the most of your existing investment.

high-speed lte cellular modem

Internet connectivity for even the smallest or most remote sites, offering visibility into every corner of your organization.

30+ days of storage

Adjust quality and stream settings to store 30+ days of footage onto the cloud network video recorder (NVR).

Simple and fast deployment

Installs in <10 minutes to quickly pull in camera streams and gain the visibility you need.

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