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Ford Pro and Samsara Join Forces for Enhanced Fleet Management

September 14, 2023

Cesar Mize

Senior Product Manager


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Samsara is the pioneer of the Connected Operations Cloud, which allows organisations including those dealing in fleet management, to harness IoT data to develop actionable insights and improve their operations. Today, most commercial vehicles come equipped with built-in telematics devices that can record and share a whole host of vehicle data. The focus now shifts to extracting maximum value from this data, and that's where Samsara steps in.

At Samsara, innovation is a core principle, and collaboration is the path to progress. The latest development in this journey involves an expanded partnership between Samsara and Ford Pro.

Ford Pro is Ford’s commercial fleet solution, helping organisations find the right vehicles, giving them access to vehicle data, vehicle maintenance, and financing services.

The goal of this collaboration is simple yet powerful: to seamlessly integrate manufacturer-grade vehicle data from Ford commercial vehicles into Samsara's central fleet management platform without any hardware installation. This collaboration holds the promise of more efficient fleet operations and streamlined insights.

A look at the Ford Pro integration

Samsara already has a track record in Europe of successful integrations in the world of physical operations, boosting connectivity with the likes of Volvo Construction Equipment, Caterpillar, John Deere, and Thermo King. Integration options now expand from construction and refrigerated trailers to include commercial vehicles, starting with Ford Pro. This integration allows mutual Samsara and Ford Pro customers to gather data from a range of Ford commercial vehicles manufactured after 2020, all presented within Samsara's platform. These vehicles include the trusted and popular Transit and Ranger models, coming in all shapes and sizes depending on the use case.

Mixed fleets also benefit from integration, as fleet managers can now bring these cloud-enabled Ford vehicles into the Samsara platform together with other makes and older vehicles that still need the Samsara hardware installed.

Ford vehicles meet the Samsara Dashboard

With the Ford Pro integration, connecting Ford vehicles to Samsara's dashboard is a breeze. No need for additional installation of any Samsara telematics hardware – the integration taps directly into the vehicle's embedded telematics system. This streamlined approach eliminates the need for in-person installations or extra hardware purchases. There is even the recommended option to enable automatic consent on the Ford Pro platform, meaning newly purchased Ford vehicles will automatically be integrated without any setup required.

Additionally, the integration provides real-time access to various vehicle data points, including GPS data, fuel usage, tyre pressure, vehicle health, and more. Key alerts can also be triggered for timely responses to specific situations, such as low battery levels or exceeded speed limits.

The road ahead with Ford Pro and Samsara

The synergy between Ford Pro and Samsara isn't just about data integration; it's about optimising fleet management as a whole. The straightforward setup ensures minimal downtime, a boon for fleet managers handling large operations. Leveraging original embedded telematics from the manufacturer ensures reliable support from Ford in case of issues. Furthermore, the inherent security of embedded telematics aids in vehicle recovery efforts, making it an invaluable asset in minimising losses due to theft.

This integration empowers fleet managers with the ability to harness Ford vehicle data seamlessly within Samsara's unified platform. The insights generated can fuel various aspects of operations, from maintenance to supply chain management.

Looking into the not so distant future, Ford Pro vehicle data can also help with both the journey to, and management of, fleet electrification.

To learn more about Samsara's OEM integrations and the advantages they bring, don't hesitate to reach out to your dedicated Samsara representative.


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