Easily Schedule Leased Assets with Samsara

Easily Schedule Leased Assets with Samsara

May 20, 2019

When you own and lease equipment as part of your business, keeping track of where your assets are is critical to making the most of your asset investment. But, many teams still rely on messy Excel sheets or the office whiteboard to keep track of their leased assets and jobs. While these solutions might work at first, they’re not built to scale. As you take on more jobs, it’s hard to visualize a busy leasing schedule.

This lack of visibility can cause assets to be double booked, or worse yet forgotten. Ultimately, an inadequate booking system can result in lost revenue from missed opportunities or poor customer experiences. That’s why we’re excited to be rolling out a new feature for powered and unpowered assets: asset scheduling.

Our asset scheduling tool allows you to manage all your jobs and asset assignment directly in Samsara, seamlessly communicating key information to your team from one central place.

With our scheduling tool you can:

  • Visualize all your on-job assets clearly to see which assets are engaged on a job and how long they'll be tied up. This helps you plan for the future.
  • Share important information about bookings across the team to avoid double booking and disappointing a customer or losing lease revenues.

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You can get started scheduling assets in three easy steps. Here’s how it works:

  1. When your team books a new order for an asset (whether with an external customer, or on your own job) they can create a new job and request assets as part of that job.

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  1. Once they complete and submit the job, your dispatcher or asset manager (or whoever is in charge of keeping track of all your assets) can assign specific asset to the job and approve.
  2. The specific assets can be added to the job as either ‘pending’ or ‘onsite’ and are then clearly displayed in an easy to read chart, so all teammates are on the same page about what assets are out on a job.

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With manual processes, scheduling assets can be time consuming, error prone, and difficult to scale. By leveraging data from your asset gateways, Samsara customers can simplify their procedures, and save time and confusion when managing leased assets.

Not tracking your assets today? Learn more about getting started with Samsara here.

Header photo credit: Jamie Street

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