Benefits & Features

Rugged, Solar-Powered Tracking to Increase Profitability

Instantly Locate Remote Assets

Track and find assets wherever they are to increase visibility, save time and ensure security

Detect & Recover Stolen Equipment

Receive real-time alerts about theft and unauthorized use. “Helicopter view” aids law enforcement in recovery

Increase Utilization & Revenue

Identify underutilized assets and deploy them to higher-demand locations for better ROI

Track inventory in real-time

Instantly search assets by name, type, or location

Set geofence alerts

Create location-based alerts to detect theft or unauthorized movement

Increase billings

Manage long-term rentals and bill customers accurately based on automatic location and usage tracking

Monitor rented equipment

Maximize utilization and optimize maintenance

Identify idle and heavily-used assets with automated dormancy and utilization reports

Long-lasting battery with built-in solar

Solar-powered battery and waterproof, weatherproof and dustproof casing (IP67) lets you track assets for their entire life in the field

tracking system

An Integrated Platform

A single system for visibility, security, and efficiency that is modern, easy-to-use, and installs in minutes

Monitor rented equipment

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