Benefits & Features

Protect remote assets, generate more revenue, and increase profitability

Instantly Locate Remote Assets

Track assets wherever they are to increase visibility & save time

Detect & Recover Stolen Equipment

Receive alerts about theft & unauthorized use to improve security

Increase Utilization & Billing Revenue

Track usage & engine hours for more accurate billing & optimized deployment

Gain visibility into all of your assets

Search assets by name, type, or location to quickly see your entire asset inventory.

Bill customers based on actual running hours

In powered assets, bill customers accurately based on engine runtime. Manage long-term rentals with regular location tracking.

Monitor rented equipment

Protect valuable assets

Detect theft or unauthorized movement using location-based geofence alerts.

Plan maintenance around asset usage

Know exactly how often an asset is used in order to schedule routine maintenance based on wear-and-tear.

tracking system

Maximize utilization and optimize asset pools

Identify idle and heavily-used assets with automated dormancy and utilization reports.

AG24 for Powered Asset Tracking
AG41 for Unpowered Asset Tracking

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