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Samsara Launches Integrated Fleet Management Solution For Ford Vehicles

June 1, 2020

Fleets are increasingly looking to use data collected directly from embedded telematics devices in their vehicles. But if this data can’t be seamlessly integrated into other systems, it can be a challenge for fleets to get the full value out of their connected vehicles.

At Samsara, we believe that embedded telematics data needs to be easily accessible across all of the tools that fleet managers use in their day-to-day work. And for fleets that rely on both embedded telematics and aftermarket gateways, it should be easy for them to manage their vehicles in a single, unified dashboard.

That’s why today, as part of our continued effort to unlock the power of embedded telematics data, we’re excited to announce that we’ve collaborated with Ford, a company that has 35 years of commercial vehicle leadership in the United States. This new launch brings a turnkey integration between Samsara and Ford Data Services™, helping our shared customers collect actionable data from the wide range of Ford vehicles viewable on the Samsara platform.

This integration, built together with Ford and rooted in customer feedback, makes it possible to seamlessly bring data from Ford’s factory-installed telematics devices into Samsara's leading fleet management platform. It’s available for eligible Ford commercial vehicles starting model year 2018 or newer with built in connectivity devices. This helps fleets efficiently manage their Ford vehicles, whether they're connected through embedded telematics or aftermarket gateways. And it makes it possible to bring rich, Ford-specific data into Samsara's single, unified platform to manage all of your assets in one place.


Seamlessly bring Ford vehicle data into Samsara, no additional hardware required

Through a secure API integration with Ford Data Services, customers can seamlessly bring manufacturer-grade vehicle data from eligible 2018 or newer Ford vehicles into the Samsara platform. This makes it possible to activate Ford vehicles remotely in Samsara, without having to install in-person or buy additional hardware.

Access rich, Ford-specific vehicle data

This integration empowers fleet managers to unlock rich, accurate data that comes directly from Ford vehicles, including GPS location, robust diagnostics such as seatbelt status, fuel usage, driver behavior data, and much more. All of this data is automatically brought into the Samsara fleet management platform so you can use it to run your fleet more efficiently.

Leverage Samsara’s unified fleet management platform

This integration puts Ford vehicle data to work within Samsara’s single, unified platform, which includes our award-winning AI dash cams, Asset Gateways, cloud-based dashboard, mobile applications such as Samsara Fleet and our Driver App, and dedicated workflows and reporting. And by bringing this data into Samsara, you can make it usable across all of your systems—such as maintenance, payroll, supply chain, and more—by leveraging our modern, open API.

“We’re excited to welcome Samsara as an authorized Ford Data Services provider, offering Ford fleet owners seamless integration with their Ford vehicles with embedded modems” said Michelle Moody, Director Ford Commercial Solutions. “We are committed to ensuring customers have the power of choice, to get manufacturer-grade vehicle information from the telematics provider of their choice.”

Try it for yourself

This integration—which is part of Samsara's holistic OEM Telematics solution—is currently available in beta for eligible Ford commercial vehicles starting model year 2018 or newer in the U.S. with factory installed connectivity devices.

If you’re a Samsara customer and would like to activate this integration for your organization, please reach out to your Samsara representative to learn more. If you’re not yet a Samsara customer, get in touch for a complimentary trial to use this integration along with the full Samsara platform.

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