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Introducing a New Dashboard to Monitor Your Organization’s HOS Compliance

January 27, 2020


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With evolving compliance regulations to adhere to and multiple drivers to keep track of, monitoring compliance metrics across your fleet can be a challenge. Without a single, consolidated view into this data, fleet and compliance managers can lose sight of costly violations and risk failing an audit. Whether you’re trying to prepare for an upcoming audit or you’re looking to take a more proactive approach to compliance across your organization, having access to all of your compliance data in one place is critical. 

Today, we’re excited to announce the new Compliance Dashboard to provide at-a-glance visibility into your fleet’s HOS violations (HOS), unidentified driving, and unassigned hours. With this new dashboard, you can:

  • Easily monitor compliance performance across your fleet

  • Track trends in HOS violations and manage unassigned hours 

  • Improve reporting efficiency by customizing which drivers and vehicles appear in the dashboard 

  • Keep your drivers and back office accountable for maintaining compliance

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Quick access to all of your HOS compliance data 

With the new Compliance Dashboard, all of your compliance data is aggregated into one easy-to-read view, making it simple to see all of the metrics you care about. Looking for the total percentage of unassigned hours in your organization? Now you can easily find that and other key compliance metrics in a single dashboard. 

The new dashboard also helps you answer these critical questions: 

How many existing violations does my fleet have? 

The HOS Violations Tile provides a quick overview of the percentage of logs or hours in violation across your fleet from the past 8 days. Easily pinpoint coaching opportunities with access to your fleet’s HOS violation metrics. 

How much unidentified driving time does my fleet have? 

The Unidentified Driving Tile gives you a holistic view of how much driving time needs to be managed as well as visibility into how often driving time is going unassigned. Identify opportunities to train drivers on more effective logging practices.

How much of my fleet’s unassigned driving has been managed?

The Unassigned Segments Tile shows you how well unassigned driving time is being managed. Showing data from the previous 8 days, this tile reveals what percent of segments that were originally unassigned have now been correctly assigned. With this information, you can easily coach your team to ensure that all unassigned driving time is properly managed. 

Which drivers have the most violations?

The Driver with Violations Table shows admins which drivers have the most logs in violation within the past 8 days. This information allows you to pinpoint drivers that need extra coaching so that you can minimize your fleet’s violations. 

Use tags to view compliance data for different groups

Since many fleets segment their drivers or vehicles based on location or vehicle type, you can also filter the Compliance Dashboard with tags. Using tags, admins can filter tiles by driver or vehicle in order to effectively track and compare compliance across the groups they care about. 

Approach DOT audits with confidence

Without insight into compliance performance across your fleet, preparing for an audit can be stressful. Because the Samsara Compliance Dashboard gives you visibility into your entire organization’s compliance performance, you can address violations head-on to help your team improve before an audit. 

For Craig Branum, Corporate Fleet Safety and Compliance Specialist for Swire Coca-Cola, visibility into his fleet’s violations comes down to accountability. “Since we started using the Compliance Dashboard, we’ve lowered violations by 70%. These reports help us identify the opportunities to hold people accountable to make sure that we can get our compliance in line.” 

A complete platform for fleet compliance 

The Compliance Dashboard is now a part of Samsara’s complete fleet management platform and is available today for all existing customers using Samsara for HOS. In addition to existing compliance reporting for HOS and unassigned hours, this new dashboard provides compliance managers with quick visibility into the overall compliance of their organization. 

If you are not yet a Samsara customer but want to see how Samsara can help your fleet’s compliance, reach out for a free trial today.

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