Introducing Proximity - A Solution for Responding to Public Complaints

August 31, 2017

Fleet managers have all faced this situation: The phone rings with angry caller on the line claiming that your driver recklessly cut them off. The caller recognized your company logo on the vehicle and knows the intersection and a general time frame, but your drivers either don't remember being there or don't recall anything abnormal. What do you do? Assume the complaint was unwarranted? Thank the caller for their concern? Reprimand the driver?

Previously, fleet managers had no way of uncovering the truth, making it hard to determine next steps. Today with Samsara's Proximity tool, users can easily search a location to see which vehicles were nearby during a specific time frame. This allows fleet managers to prove their drivers' innocence or take corrective action. We designed this feature to be simple, so that vehicles can be identified quickly, yet powerful so that valuable details like trip route, driver information, and speed are all accessible.

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More Intelligence with Dash Cams

When paired with Samsara Dash Cams, the Proximity tool provides even more intelligence. By showing images from the driver’s perspective during the time frame in question, users quickly see the context for what was going on. For example, did the driver brake or swerve to avoid an unexpected obstacle on the road? Users can even instantly retrieve video footage of incidents that have been uploaded to Samsara's cloud platform.

The screenshot below shows how the proximity tool links to dash cam footage to provide one seamless, integrated solution:

Being able to search Proximity gives fleet managers peace of mind, helps exonerate drivers of blame, and protects a company’s reputation. Proximity is built into Samsara's fleet platform with no additional cost or new software required. If you aren’t a Samsara customer yet, contact us for a free trial to try the Proximity tool yourself.

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