Minimize Downtime with Samsara Device Health Reports

July 27, 2020

IoT devices are the lifeline of fleet management. Without them, there wouldn't be a way to capture vital information such as vehicle performance and asset utilization. That's why maintaining these devices is so important to keeping up operations.

Like any piece of hardware, IoT devices can have installation issues, become unplugged, or even damaged as lots of fleet management companies operate through rugged environments. impacted by user error or changes in the operating environment. Without diagnostic information and guidance for device issues, managers have to spend time calling into support and troubleshooting. Managers may not even know when a device is down until they realize critical data is missing.  

We’re excited to announce that managers can now monitor the health of their Samsara fleet management & safety devices through our new Device Health Reports. Managers will now be able to immediately tell if a device is having issues before a vehicle or fleet goes offline, preventing the loss of critical footage or diagnostics information. If a device issue is identified, Samsara is the only solution on the market to provide actionable recommendations to remedy the device, directly from the Samsara dashboard.

These reports are accessible from any remote desktop or mobile device and, in the words of Jason Kientz, Systems Technical Analyst at ArcBest, have been “key in monitoring and improving the efficiency of our fleet.” Each report comes with an aggregated health score at the top, which gives a high-level summary into your fleet’s operating efficiency. Each report comes with an overall health score, which then details how many devices are healthy, need attention, or are yet to be installed.

Camera Health Report

The Camera Health Report provides context to why a camera may be offline, including when the camera and the Vehicle Gateway (VG) were both last connected. “The Camera Health Report specifically helps our safety team identify outside influence and disconnection of the camera, or informs us if there might be stability issues with the Vehicle Gateway,” said Kientz. 

Within the dashboard, fleet managers are provided with a recommended action. This allows for easy troubleshooting so managers can immediately take the remediation steps listed and save time, minimizing recording downtime. 

Gateway Health Report

Samsara’s new Gateway Health Report provides visibility into how vehicle devices, and powered or unpowered assets are operating throughout your fleet in a single view. In addition to recommended actions, the report also includes the last known location of the vehicle, when the device was last connected, cell connectivity, and vehicle and gateway battery. These metrics allow managers to view more than just when a device is offline, but context into why a device is potentially offline. “We use the Gateway Health Report to identify vehicle or asset gateways that are out of service due to disconnects or bad cellular reception, allowing us to quickly correct the issue rather than waiting for the field to report.” said Kientz.

Increase efficiency with the Samsara platform

IoT device health is integral to ensuring your platform is always capturing critical information. The Device Health Reports ensure the hardware you’ve come to depend on is always operational so you can trust the hardware you can depend on. The Device Health Reports are available for all customers to leverage today, and come with our free trials. If you’re interested in learning more about our AI Dash Cams or Vehicle and Asset Gateways, please reach out today!

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