Now Available: Create, Customize, and Connect Your Fleet Documents

October 15, 2018

Earlier this year, we introduced Documents to help information flow more efficiently through your fleet operations. We started with the ability to capture six of the most common types of fleet documents -- proofs of delivery, bills of lading, scale tickets, accident reports, citations, and fuel receipts -- but that was just the beginning. We know that while the burden of paperwork management is universal, the paperwork itself is often unique to each fleet, and paper is just one of many methods that fleets use to capture information from the field.

Today, we’re happy to share that the latest evolution of Samsara Documents gets you one step closer to eliminating paper from your daily operations. We’re giving you complete flexibility to build any form you want, so you can make sure your drivers capture the information that matters to your business. With these updates, you will be able to:

  • Create documents to match your business needs, with the ability to add fields for drivers to key in text information, enter numeric data, and add photos.

  • Customize documents to suit your drivers’ workflow, with the ability to drag and drop fields into any order you want.

  • Keep your systems in sync, with new API endpoints to sync document types and pre-populate documents with data from your business systems.

Create Documents to Match Business Needs

No two fleets operate in quite the same way, which means that no two fleets manage information in exactly the same way. Now, you can use text, number, and photo fields to design forms so your drivers can capture information in the way that you need. 101 Inc, a food recycler with headquarters in Illinois, has used Documents to design a Site Report, so drivers can capture photos and submit notes about the condition of remote sites.

“With Samsara, it's easy to create custom documents and capture information from the field,” says Cory Peter, President of 101 Inc. Whether your fleet recycles food or delivers ice cream, you can make sure your drivers capture information that matters to your fleet operations.

Customize Documents to Suit Drivers’ Workflow

Whether you create passenger lists, maintenance receipts, work orders, container checks, demurrage reports, or other forms, your drivers will be able to capture and submit any document using the Samsara Driver App. The intuitively designed Driver App makes it simple to take photos, add notes, and instantly submit everything to the Samsara Dashboard.

Connect Documents to Your Business

Submitted documents will continue to be centralized in our Documents tab, allowing you easy access to the information you need. For 101 Inc, “Having a searchable archive of documents helps us communicate better as an organization.”

And, our newest API endpoints allow you to retrieve Document Types, ensuring that the data captured by your drivers stays in sync with your business systems. And, you can even use our new APIs to automatically populate documents with data from your existing systems, helping your drivers minimize errors and save time while on the road.

Toward A Paperless Cab

By enabling fleets to create and customize their own documents, we’re not just helping fleets reduce the administrative burden of managing paperwork -- we’re taking a big step toward helping fleets eliminate paper altogether. “As 101 Inc looks to go completely paperless,” says Cory Peter, “we're excited to continue working with Samsara to find ways to operate more efficiently."

The ability to create and customize Documents is available at no additional cost to our existing customers. If you’re ready to say goodbye to paperwork but you’re not yet a Samsara customer, get in touch to request a free trial!

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