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Now Available: New Tools to Streamline Document Management

May 13, 2020

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Eliminating paper-based processes is one of the most impactful ways that an organization can save time and money; it’s no wonder that 68% of organizations have ongoing initiatives to reduce the use of paper in their operations. At Samsara, we help customers move over 2 million fleet documents to the cloud each year. 

But, what happens after all of those documents are digitized? How do fleets validate whether document data is accurate? Even when employees have an intuitive tool to capture documents, such as the Samsara Driver App, it’s inevitable that some mistakes will be made. Drivers may fat-finger a field, accidentally submit a document twice, or forget to submit one at all. 

Chasing down drivers to resolve discrepancies is time-consuming and painful for fleet managers and drivers alike. That’s why we’re excited to introduce new document management features that help you: 

  • Save time and improve data accuracy, with the ability to directly edit submitted documents and resolve discrepancies.

  • Stay organized, with the ability to delete duplicate records.

  • Improve back office collaboration by archiving documents that no longer need to be reviewed.

  • Accelerate invoicing and billing processes by exporting documents to PDF or using APIs to sync data with systems for payroll, invoicing, and more.

Improve back office and driver efficiency

The DDS Companies, a construction service business based in New York, uses the Documents feature to manage timesheets for 15 to 20 drivers, who each generate up to ten timesheets every day. According to Shelley Greek, ERP Systems Administrator, dispatchers and project managers used to spend three to four hours each week going back and forth with the payroll department to resolve timesheet discrepancies and typos.

Being able to edit documents directly in the dashboard helps the DDS Companies maintain accurate records and save hours of administrative work each week. If the team finds any errors, they can edit the document directly, without having to ask drivers to resubmit the form. If a document is submitted twice, you can now delete the duplicate to reduce clutter in your dashboard. Samsara keeps a complete audit trail of all activity to provide transparency into the full document lifecycle.

Streamline document syncing and sharing

Once you've validated document data and organized your records, you can easily share information with your customers and stakeholders. You can export any document into a PDF file and download it to your desktop, making it easy to email to a customer or send to your payroll department. You can even use our API to send PDFs into your TMS and payroll systems, helping you keep all of your records in sync.

Simplifying your digital transition

Managing documents, even digital documents, shouldn't be a burden. At Samsara, we're on a mission to simplify the way fleets manage their data, whether that data comes from vehicles or mobile documents. That's why we're proud to offer these new document workflows as part of our complete fleet management platform.

If you’re ready to digitize your fleet workflows but you’re not yet a Samsara customer, get in touch to request a free trial!

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