Samsara for Thermo King Refrigeration Units

June 09, 2020

Efficient and reliable delivery of refrigerated freight, whether it be food or pharmaceuticals, may never have been more important than it is today. To better service our customers in refrigerated transport, we are excited to announce that Samsara telematics is now compatible with Thermo King's 3rd party gateway protocols.

Through Samsara’s Asset Gateways, fleet managers can now turn their reefers on and off, change run-mode, clear alarms, and adjust temperature set-points directly from their Samsara dashboard. 

Two-way control, combined with real-time visibility into reefer location and performance, enables Samsara customers to prevent load loss, streamline regulatory compliance, and improve their customer experience. 

Prevent Load Loss

Common fail-points in refrigerated transport can be mitigated by increased control and visibility into reefer operation. Human errors such as neglecting to pre-cool a trailer, setting the incorrect temperature or run-mode, or catching a mechanical failure too late are everyday threats to cold-chain integrity.

Fleet managers can mitigate these risks and prevent costly load loss using remote two-way control to pre-cool trailers, adjust temperature and run-mode, and receive mechanical and fuel alerts in real-time.

Reduce Compliance Costs

Through the Samsara Asset Gateway, temperature readings from the reefer are automatically recorded in the Samsara dashboard, making it easy to provide minute-by-minute logs of temperature history for customers and FSMA compliance.

Wireless environmental and door monitors can be added for additional temperature and humidity tracking for multi-zone or highly sensitive loads.

Using Samsara’s detailed temperature reports, food distributor Cash-Wa Distributing has been able to identify false temperature claims from customers and reduce credit payments by 30%.

Best-in-Class Customer Experience

By adding two-way reefer control and live reefer diagnostics to the same dashboard used for routing and driver workflows, fleet managers are now able to answer customer inquiries on delivery times and load conditions in seconds.

This unified view allows fleet managers to eliminate time wasted tracking down information and allows them to focus on what matters most, delivering a reliable and engaging service for their customers. 

To learn more about Samsara’s refrigerated transport solutions, contact us at

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