Benefits & Features

Zero-Touch, Wireless Temperature Monitoring

Simplify FSMA Compliance

Automated, zero-touch temperature logging and alerting eliminates the burden of manual record keeping, reducing the cost and complexity of complying with the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA)

Ensure Product Quality and Prevent Loss

With real-time, over-the-air visibility and instant alerts, carriers can ensure quality, prevent contamination, and avoid rejected deliveries

Reduce Cost and Complexity

With wireless temperature sensors built into Samsara's fleet and trailer tracking solution, Samsara offers simple, affordable temperature monitoring

Wireless, data-logging, waterproof temperature monitors

Fleet-wide visibility from the cloud

Zero-touch compliance reporting

Real-time alerts

Installs in Minutes
  • Plug-and-play temperature sensors are 100% wireless
  • Waterproof sensors with 5-year battery
  • Centralized reports, alerts, and real-time visibility over the web

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