Samsara’s Commitment to Canadian ELD Certification

March 15, 2021


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The Canadian ELD mandate is scheduled to go into effect on June 12, 2021. The mandate aims to increase road safety across all Canadian provinces and territories by requiring that commercial motor vehicle drivers subject to Hours of Service (HOS) requirements in Canada use electronic logging devices (ELDs). Requirements state that ELDS be tested and certified by an accredited, third-party certification body. Samsara offers a comprehensive ELD solution to support this mandate and keep your fleet in compliance with Transport Canada’s rules and regulations. Today, we are excited to announce that we have submitted our ELD for certification and aim to offer a certified Canadian ELD to keep your fleet in compliance with Transport Canada's rules and regulations.

Entering the certification process

As with our U.S. FMCSA-registered ELD, Samsara is committed to excellence and is invested in streamlining compliance for our customers. Unlike in the U.S., where FMCSA requires that ELD providers register and self-certify that their ELDs meet functional requirements, Transport Canada’s ELD mandate requires ELD providers to submit their ELDs to an accredited third-party certification body that will test and verify that the device meets the requirements of the ELD technical standard. As part of the certification process, Samsara has completed the required engineering work and submitted our ELD for certification. 

The engineering changes implemented to meet these certification requirements will have very little impact on the way drivers log their hours in the Samsara Driver App, and it will work seamlessly with your existing compliance workflows. If you are a Samsara customer already using our ELD solution in Canada, you will not need to change your hardware or add any devices. Any necessary updates will be seamlessly deployed to our customers between now and June 12th, without interrupting your existing workflows. And if you’re an existing customer who would like to start logging HOS under Canadian rulesets, you can adjust the settings in your dashboard to enable those rulesets for your organization. 

Streamlining HOS compliance in Canada

For the past few years, we have worked side-by-side with Canadian customers—with regular input from external advisors, industry groups, and applicable regulators—to develop solutions to meet their unique HOS management needs. Samsara’s ELD solution streamlines HOS compliance for managers and drivers, whether operating in Canada, the U.S., or both during cross-border hauls. Our ELD solution has been proven successful at maintaining compliance and embraced by thousands of fleets and their drivers (rating it 4.6 stars on the App Store). 

Canadian general freight carrier Mountain Eagle Trucking regularly operates across the Canadian-U.S. border. With Samsara, Mountain Eagle is able to automatically detect when trucks cross the border and allows drivers to switch from U.S. to Canada HOS seamlessly. This not only saves drivers time, it ensures managers are in compliance with each countrys’ distinct regulations.

Compliance Dashboard Canada

Partnering with you on the Canadian ELD mandate and beyond

Navigating the upcoming mandate deadline is no small undertaking, and Samsara is committed to supporting fleets through this change. We’ll offer dedicated training and resources to educate our customers about the Canadian ELD mandate. 

Our ELD solution is part of our connected operations platform—which includes vehicle telematics, video-based safety solutions, driver workflows, and more—so you can count on Samsara to continuously release new features to further improve your operations. Samsara’s experts provide tailored implementation and consulting services to help set you up for a smooth transition and ensure continued success throughout the road ahead.

In order to support you we have partnered with Frontline CVS, a consultancy with over 115 years of expertise in developing, training, and enforcing commercial vehicle safety regulations and oversight. Join us on March 30 for a live webinar with Frontline CVS, where we will talk to them about the upcoming Canadian ELD mandate and answer your questions about how it will impact your fleet operations.


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