Summer Refresh: New Safety Tools Streamline Incident Review

August 22, 2018

This summer, Samsara’s safety tools are getting a refresh! We’ve improved a few familiar fleet safety features and rolled out some new ones. Check out what’s new:

  • All-new Hyperlapse lets you review up to one hour of footage in two minutes

  • A more collaborative Safety Inbox supports commenting and editable labels

  • More accurate speed data thanks to speed limit reporting

Quickly Review Driving Footage with Hyperlapse

There’s now a faster, more efficient way to request driving footage that isn’t automatically uploaded to the Samsara Dashboard. Our brand new Hyperlapse feature lets you request an entire hour of footage from your dash cam and review it in just two minutes. (Did you know? Samsara CMs store up to 40 hours of footage locally). We know your time is scarce and valuable, so we speed up the video so that you can review it quickly. Whether you receive a complaint about an incident that happened “around” a certain time or are trying to review an incident but don’t know exactly when it happened, Hyperlapse provides an efficient way to review long periods of video to find the footage you need.

Updated Inbox: Add Comments & Edit Event Details

Reviewing driving incidents from the Safety Inbox is more streamlined, collaborative, and customizable than ever before. A new color scheme ensures that the cause of an incident is easy to recognize at a glance, and incident details are now front and center.

Samsara’s advanced analytics let you quickly see not only incident type (like harsh acceleration or braking), but also whether or not distracted driving was involved.

With our new commenting feature, your safety team has a better way to collaborate on incident review and driver training. For example, you can leave notes for yourself or other admins after you review footage with drivers, and if you think an event was incorrectly tagged, you can add, remove, or change the label. The labels include harsh acceleration, harsh braking, harsh turning, crash, and distracting driving.

Report Inaccurate Speed Limits

Last but not least, you can now report inaccurate speed limit data. If you ever notice an area where the speed limit is out-of-date, you can now report and update that data to help improve our speed limit database and prevent errant speeding alerts in the future.

We’re constantly listening to feedback and adding new features to our fleet safety offering. Want to check out our latest safety offerings? Schedule a demo!

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