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October 27, 2022

Adam Eltoukhy

General Counsel


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Environmental, Social, Governance (ESG) has become a critical strategy that enterprise operations use to demonstrate social and environmental responsibility. According to recent research, more than 90% of S&P 500 companies and 70% of Russell 1000 companies now publish some form of an ESG report. 

Operations data is an essential component of creating a yearly report. Without accurate data to reflect on-the-ground performance, you cannot set informed targets or accurately report on results. While there are emerging applications that help inform and track corporate responsibility targets, many focus solely on environmental impact. Such applications provide only one piece of a much larger picture. 

At Samsara, we believe that a consolidated view of data is the best way to unlock insights that allow you to take action. By centralizing data inputs from your vehicles, assets, worksites, and workforce, you can identify ESG initiatives that are authentic to your company’s mission and values, enabling you to create a more comprehensive picture of the environmental and social impact.

Read on to learn how to leverage data from the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud to inform your next ESG report with insights that track social as well as environmental impact.

Safer roads improve social impact

Outside of equitable pay, workplace diversity, and comprehensive benefits, reporting out on company-wide social initiatives can feel arbitrary and make quantifying the impact of your initiatives challenging. Will planting 100 trees have a greater impact on society than a food drive? How much social impact will a quarterly volunteer day at the local soup kitchen have? 

While these initiatives can certainly show that your company is invested in your community, another proven way to demonstrate social responsibility is through improvements to fleet safety performance. Safety initiatives provide measurable human impact for both your workforce and the communities your company operates in. 

Consider the impact of a vehicle collision. An accident involving a company vehicle doesn’t only put your employee at risk, it puts anyone in the vicinity of that vehicle at risk and may damage city property or significantly impair access to city infrastructure. Your safety program is the layer of protection between your operation and the community you serve. Even a small reduction in your vehicle collision rates can create an outsized social impact. 

Customers who’ve made progress on ESG initiatives share something in common: They make safety a top priority when reporting on social performance. They set informed and measurable safety goals to protect the communities they serve from harm and to get every employee home safely at the end of the workday. 

Summit Materials uses Samsara’s Safety Scores and Safety Leaderboard in the Driver App to power a Safety Bracket Challenge. The program was so successful at increasing driver engagement in their safety program, it helped lead to a 33% reduction in preventable vehicle accidents. You can read more about this initiative on page 28 of Summit Materials’ 2021 Social Responsibility Report.

Social impact extends beyond the road

On-the-road vehicle safety isn’t the only safety metric that can contribute to your next ESG report. Workplace safety also plays a role in Corporate Social Responsibility. Hazards at a worksite can include slippery floors, falling objects, heavy machinery, and more, which can lead to accidents that pose serious threats to the well-being of your employees and their families.

Samsara's partnership with Aunt Millies demonstrates the impact workplace safety has on human lives. They rolled out Samsara Site Visibility, intelligent cloud-connected security cameras, to better protect their people from harm. “In the bakeries, we have big and heavy equipment being worked on by humans,” said VP of Safety, Beth Woodbury. “There’s a high possibility for amputation, electrocution, and other serious injuries that can have a big impact on our employees if they don't follow the rules.” 

Aunt Millies has experienced a massive improvement in workplace accidents since adopting Site Visibility. They were able to shift from a reactive safety approach to a proactive one, allowing their back-office to spot potentially hazardous situations on the factory floor and proactively address safety risks before an incident occurs. 

A single, open platform to help you demonstrate social and environmental impact

Whether you're embarking on ESG reporting for the first time or you’re looking to evolve your existing report, there’s an opportunity to bolster your next ESG report by leveraging data insights from the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud. 

From reducing road and workplace accidents, to minimizing unnecessary vehicle idling, to accelerating electrification plans—Samsara captures data inputs from all corners of your operations, housed in a single open platform, empowering you to advance your environmental and social initiatives in ways that are authentic to your business.

Get in touch with us to learn more about how the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud can help you progress your ESG initiatives.

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