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How to Build a Driver Safety Rewards Program

Learn how to implement an incentive-based safety program to help your drivers practice safe driving.

Having our drivers be able to take part in their own safety awareness is amazing. Video footage of these real-life situations that our own fleet has encountered is more effective than any scenario recreated for a traditional driver training video.”

Stephanie Peterson
Safety Director, R-K-Campf Transport

Safety for the long haul: Preview our guide of driving safety tips

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An active and effective safety program is essential to protect your drivers, reputation, and bottom line.

A truck driver safety rewards program can be a powerful way to generate driver buy-in for your video-based fleet safety program, encouraging truck drivers to not only understand safety tips and procedures, but also fully commit to them. In this guide, we’ll show you how to build a successful driver safety rewards program focused on empowering drivers through open communication, transparent and clearly defined goals, and meaningful incentives.

Decide on the right metrics

It’s important to align on the right behavior metrics to track in your safety program. Choose safe driving behaviors that are measurable and consistent. Consider making goals around defensive driving, cell phone use and texting, safety changing lanes, and wearing seatbelts.

Establish clear expectations

Transparency and clear communications are crucial to driver buy-in. Make sure drivers know how they’re being measured and have visibility into their performance.

Choose good rewards

Make sure rewards are attractive and relevant! Rewards should also be inclusive and frequent: only celebrating the best performer in a year neglects drivers who have made significant improvements.

Help all drivers succeed

A new safety rewards program is a great opportunity to get drivers to revisit best practices and commit to a culture of safety. Under-performing drivers, in particular, should be made aware that this new program is their chance to make a change and should be given the resources, guidance, and training to get them there.

Celebrate ongoing success and improvements

Once the safety rewards program is live, continue to incorporate routine training and coaching. Establish a regular cadence of safety meetings, show public leaderboards to monitor performance, and offer personalized training plans for individual drivers.

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