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Accelerate Your Career in Tech Sales on Samsara’s ADR Team

November 3, 2022

Nick Rathjen

VP, Account Development

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Samsara's rapidly growing Sales organization provides opportunities for professional development and advancement, especially within our Account Development team. Samara’s Account Development Representative (ADR) Program is the perfect launch-pad for those interested in getting started in technology sales.

Our Sales program stands out because our customers are unique: They are fleet managers, front-line workers, and public servants working in industries largely underserved by technology. Our ADRs have the opportunity to connect with the people who keep our economy running, sell them products with real-world impact, and improve the sustainability, efficiency, and safety of our global operations. Our fast-paced and team-oriented environment creates a sandbox of experiences for growth and professional development for our ADRs to gain the right skills to advance their careers. The hard work and dedication put in by the Samsara ADR team pays off with above industry average commissions, organizational recognition, opportunities to work with the best Sales executives in tech.

Starting at Samsara

After company onboarding, our ambitious ADRs jump into our sales-specific training program where they learn the Samsara value , deep-dive into our customers and products, and hone their sales skills. Then, they are ready to hear the Samsara pitch first-hand by shadowing their team leads, onboarding buddies, and other teammates, picking up tips and tricks from tenured representatives. Not long after, our newest ADRs are hopping on calls with potential customers, selling valuable and constantly improving products in a largely untapped market that make a real impact in safety, sustainability, and efficiency for our customers.

ADR pathways

Through Samsara’s ADR program, there are always opportunities to move to the next level and take on more responsibility during the program and beyond—those who work hard to grow quickly will have the opportunity to advance their careers. With emphasis on continued professional development, the training doesn't stop after onboarding—we provide opportunities to expand ADRs’ understanding of the market and our competitors, develop hard skills needed in the Sales function, and work with mentors to help our representatives progress through the three levels of our ADR program.

  • ADR I representatives focus on inbound leads—conducting a high volume of conversations, sharing the ins and outs of our products, and fostering relationships with those prospects interested in Samsara. At the ADR I level, we provide plenty of learning opportunities including lunch-and-learns with more senior Sales team members, trainings on growth mindset and time management, guidance on transitioning to outbound, and more. Our representatives at this level are go-getters who are able to progress their careers through the opportunities provided for them.

  • The next level in the program is ADR II, where our representatives work on top of funnel movement, creating high quality sales engagements, and supporting our inside sales  Account Executives. Along with the leap into outbound work, those at the ADR II level are continually exposed to learning opportunities and enrolled in specialized trainings including operational excellence instruction, customer case studies, cold calling 2.0, and collaboration and communication with Account Executives. After building their skills in outbound sales and earning sales certifications, our representatives graduate to the final level of the program.

  • The highest level within our organization is ADR III. These ADRs work hand-in-hand with field Account Executives and Enterprise Regional Sales Managers at Samsara. They partner closely on large accounts, implementing detailed territory plans, participating in weekly strategy meetings, and scheduling and attending customer demos. Additionally, ADR IIIs partake in a mentorship program to learn from leadership on the Account Executive team who provide exposure and training ahead of their interview for an Account Executive position.

Hundreds of former Samsara ADRs have moved into new roles across the company, from ADR Team Leads to Account Executives, as well as roles on the Recruiting team, the Sales Enablement team, the Renewals team, and more. The skills and experience gained from our ADR program have equipped these Samsarians to drive their own careers and move onto the next challenge.

Samsara's ADR team

Building connections and sharing successes

The Account Development team is made up of high-achieving, encouraging individuals who take Samsara’s “Win as a team” value to heart. United by our mission, we boost each other up, share learnings across the team, and celebrate our successes together. While our program adheres to Samsara’s flexible work philosophy—our team members can choose to work remotely or in-office—our leadership believes in the importance of togetherness and invests in collaboration and celebration. From our quarterly Sales kickoffs, to holiday parties, to both in-person and remote team-building events, we take the time to come together as a team, build meaningful relationships, and celebrate our wins.

Furthermore, our current ADRs and former ADRs who’ve moved into new roles are bonded by the camaraderie and mentorship that is fostered in our department. The alumni of our program stay connected to the larger team, acting as mentors to our current representatives and culture ambassadors across the company. By joining our ADR team, you join a network of future sales professionals  who have built their technology sales careers from the foundation provided at Samsara.

Join the flock and launch your career

If you are looking for a role to challenge yourself, grow quickly in your sales skills, learn from high-caliber professionals, and have access to accelerated career development, consider joining Samsara’s ADR team. As Samsara grows and our product assortment expands, the opportunities for upward mobility are endless. Check out the roles on our Account Development team in the US, UK, and Germany and apply today!

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