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Benefits that Matter: How Mental Wellness Support Helps Samsara Thrive

May 18, 2023


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list of Samsara Mental Health benefits

Meet Samantha Bueche, a Mid-Market Account Executive on our Inside Sales team, who joined Samsara six months ago. 👋

<span style="color:#0384FB; font-weight:bold">How have you utilized Samsara’s mental health benefits?</span>

I leaned on Modern Health coaching while handling the transition to my new role at Samsara. Coming previously from the startup world, this was my first fully remote position at a public company of this size, and I needed a bit of help adapting to change and managing anxiety. I think it’s important to break the stigma about discussing mental health in the workplace—everyone struggles at some point, and it’s okay to seek help and reach out to others.

Modern Health coaching was a welcome perspective on difficult days where I was overthinking or falling into perfectionist tendencies. I believe positive mental health is crucial to an employee's success, and this benefit made the transition more realistic and successful for me. I gained a lot of helpful strategies to show up as my best self daily.

<span style="color:#0384FB; font-weight:bold">How do you invest in your mental well-being? What is your favorite hobby or activity that helps you unwind?</span>

I’m a huge fan of daily meditation, especially guided meditations. I invest time into self-care in many ways, big and small, from eating healthy food to (the less glamorous) creating a budget. My favorite hobby that helps me unwind is sewing and fashion design. Right now, I’m working on a handmade sundress. I love using my hands and doing something artistic to unplug. 

<span style="color:#0384FB; font-weight:bold">How else do Samsara’s benefits allow you to focus on your mental well-being?</span>

Samsara’s benefits not only initially attracted me to my current position, but have truly been amazing as I’ve grown into my role. The flexibility and support for remote work has been great. I am super productive in my home office and have the right ergonomic equipment to protect my health and enhance my focus, which promotes my mental well-being. Because of our Hootfund (our quarterly reimbursement fund for health and self-care expenses), I was able to get an under-desk treadmill for some mood-boosting physical activity. I also really enjoyed our recent company-wide Mental Health Day in February, which gave me a chance to plan a self-care day and recharge.

<span style="color:#0384FB; font-weight:bold">What advice would you give to someone who is struggling with burnout at work?</span> 

Get help from someone you trust, whether it’s a friend, coworker, manager—someone you can truly confide in. Don’t try to figure it all out all alone. Chances are, by opening up to someone, you may not only help yourself, but someone else as well. Take breaks when you need them and remember that deadlines can be extended, mistakes can be fixed, and things can be made up, but your health and well-being come before anything else. You can’t pour from an empty cup.

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Together, We Are Samsara

At Samsara, we strive to create an inclusive and supportive environment that empowers every employee to thrive personally and professionally. We believe that mental wellness is essential to overall well-being and success, which is why we provide a range of programs and benefits to support our employees' unique needs. We are proud to prioritize mental health, and we’re always looking for talented individuals who share our values to help us build a safer, smarter, and more sustainable world. Check out our open roles and apply today!


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