Building the Future of Fleet Safety: Using AI to Keep Drivers Safe

May 08, 2018

Today, Samsara is taking a major step forward in improving fleet safety by introducing artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to detect high-risk driving behavior.

At Samsara, we’re on a mission to make data accessible and easy to analyze. We’re excited by the ways that advanced technologies, like AI and computer vision, can make sense of data, while improving fleet safety at the same time – and we're thrilled to make these technologies available to our customers today.

Our first investment into AI focuses on detecting distracted driving, one of the leading causes of preventable driving accidents, causing over 3,500 deaths and 400,000 injuries. Over time, we’ll continue to build AI and computer vision into our products to transform how fleets tackle safety and manage operational efficiency.

Automatically Detect Distracted Driving during Harsh Events

By detecting distracted driving using AI, Samsara empowers fleet managers to review video and coach drivers based on incidents that are not just dangerous, but also 100% preventable. The moment a dash cam captures an incident and uploads it to the cloud, Samsara’s platform reviews, analyzes, and categorizes the incident, so that managers can immediately gain insights and take action.

Unlike other systems that rely on human review, Samsara uses computer vision and AI to analyze video instantly. Tagged videos are accessible in the Samsara dashboard without delay. This way, fleet and safety managers can use Samsara to prioritize incidents for review, reward drivers for good behavior, prevent false claims, and expedite insurance processing.

How it Works

  1. Dash cams capture video from harsh driving incidents and automatically upload footage to the cloud.

  2. Samsara’s intelligent platform detects and tags distracted driving by analyzing factors such as drivers’ gaze, following distance, and nearby objects.

  3. Safety reports, incident history, and driver rankings update within the Dashboard in real-time.

A Continued Commitment to Safety

Just one year ago, Samsara launched our first Internet-connected camera, and since then, we’ve released new safety features on a regular basis. We see AI as a powerful tool that can accelerate our commitment to safety, and in the coming months, we’ll roll out more AI-powered features and products to enhance driver coaching, lower incident rates, and minimize accident-related costs.

All of our video-based, safety features will continue to integrate seamlessly with Samsara’s complete fleet management platform, making it the most modern and integrated solution for safety, efficiency, and compliance on the market.

Activate Today, No Extra Cost

This update is available as a software upgrade for Samsara dash cam customers at no additional cost.

If you are new to Samsara's fleet management platform or Internet-connected cameras and want to learn more about how our AI-powered safety solution can benefit your fleet, request a live demo today.

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