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Introducing New Coaching Tools to Improve Driver Coaching and Safety

May 28, 2019

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Keeping drivers safe on the road is a major priority for Samsara and our customers. Since launching our first dash cams and safety reports, Samsara has worked with thousands of customers to improve their driver safety initiatives. We’ve helped food distributors reduce accidents by 50%, helped trucking companies build programs to reduce harsh braking by over 80%, and more.

Just like our customers, we believe safety initiatives require continuous work and progress. That’s why today we’re excited to announce our own safety updates – the launch of all-new coaching workflows – that make it even easier to identify coachable driving moments and give drivers relevant feedback to improve future performance.

With our new coaching tools, you can easily:

  • Flag incidents that need coaching by marking events that need review, require followup, or can be dismissed

  • Assign safety managers to divide coaching responsibility, enable remote teams, and improve accountability

  • Coach drivers within the dashboard with a ‘coaching wizard’ that aggregates coachable events by driver and provides suggested scripts to standardize feedback

  • Track results over time with dynamic charts that show harsh events, crashes, and speeding trends over time

Take the guesswork out of coaching

These new features take the guesswork out of driver coaching by providing a straightforward coaching framework. In the Safety Inbox, you can view the coaching status, see which safety manager is assigned to an event, and toggle to see events that have been dismissed or resolved:

The new Coaching tab helps keep driver coaching consistent across a fleet. When you click “Coach Driver”, you’re guided through a step-by-step workflow to review incident footage and share feedback. We know how easy it is to lose track of which events have been reviewed, so events are marked as coached to minimize unintentional errors.

Measure the results

Giving individual driver feedback takes time, and time is valuable, so we created a way to track the impact of coaching. The safety trends graph shows how harsh events, crashes, and speeding change over time, so that you can visually see how coaching efforts or programmatic changes influence safety:

Try it yourself today

As technology becomes more advanced, fleets are able to save more time, reduce more paperwork, and digitize many backend processes entirely – but improving driver safety still requires a personal touch. We’re excited to share these new coaching tools to help our customers leverage technology to better measure and manage those in-person conversations and ultimately improve safety on the road.

Samsara customers can access these new features in their dashboard today. If you’re interested in trying Samsara for the first time, reach out here for a free trial.

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