Driving real value through customer interactions

December 14, 2023

Lydia Raven

Senior Customer Advocacy Manager, EMEA


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Technology plays a pivotal role in streamlining operations and driving growth. At Samsara, we understand that providing exceptional value to our customers goes beyond offering a cutting-edge connected operations platform. It's about building meaningful relationships and understanding our customers' unique needs. 

These relationships are created and nurtured by multiple teams within the business, each playing an important role in the customer journey. Let’s have a look at how each team adds value to this process.

The role of the sales team

A successful partnership begins with open communication and trust. Our sales team is the bridge between Samsara and our customers, typically fleet managers and heads of operations. The cornerstone of this relationship is a two-way flow of information. 

The team provides transparent and consultative advice, helping customers make informed decisions that align with their operational goals. Equally important is the feedback loop that allows customers to share their experiences —  what's working well and areas that need improvement.

As this relationship matures, it evolves into a collaboration where both parties gain deeper insights into each other's worlds. Members of Samsara’s sales team don't just sell products; they become trusted advisors, understanding the challenges our customers face and tailoring solutions that drive real results. This synergy results in smarter operational decisions and more agile responses to industry shifts.

Building relationships with the Customer Success team

Once the sales team has initiated and nurtured customer relationships, the Customer Success team is on hand. The team’s priority is to ensure customers get the very best from Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud. This helps customers to use the platform to become safer, more efficient and more sustainable.

The post-sales work the team does helps customers maximise their use of Samsara’s technology, forging closer ties and relationships with customers, to help maximise the value they receive from their investment. This is key to driving retention and expansion – making sure the experience with Samsara is always best in class.

Engineers bridging the gap

Samsara engineers enjoy a unique advantage compared to their counterparts in other tech companies — they're remarkably close to the end users.

First-hand customer feedback is gathered by the Product and Design teams, who relay the feedback to the engineering team along with key insights into the customer's needs and challenges. Through this collaboration with colleagues, our engineers gain a deep understanding of customer pain points and aspirations.

Metrics and data guide their work, validating that their efforts are contributing to improved operational efficiency, safety, and growth for our customers.

Samsara's customer-centric marketing

Events like Beyond — our Annual Customer Expo — showcase our commitment to customer interaction. Beyond isn't just a conference — it's a forum for customers and Samsara employees to engage on a personal level. 

"Here, relationships transcend the digital realm, and connections are forged through shared experiences and genuine conversations. Here’s a taste of what our customers had to say about attending the event.

“Our relationship with Samsara is great. We started over three years ago and it's a perfect match for our requirements, and we appreciate the partnership. We love working with Samsara and we're looking forward to the next year.”

- Florian Wäsch, Authorized signatory & IT Manager, Dittmeier

"What really stands out at Beyond is the human connection you experience and how you can build a partnership with Samsara. That is something I don't see a lot."

- Lesley Williams, Transportation Manager at Liberty Energy

"Samsara works closely with Fraikin to provide continuous technical improvements, and it’s this innovation that supports what we do as a business and the solutions we create for our customers. For me the key thing is the partnership that I find with Samsara. It makes us feel like we’re all in it together and it really helps us, to help our customers.”

- Regan Greef, Technology Solutions Manager at Fraikin Group

Samsara’s approach to enhanced customer interactions

  1. Listen actively: Prioritise active listening in customer interactions. Understand their pain points, aspirations, and goals to tailor solutions effectively.

  2. Empathy matters: Put yourself in the customer's shoes. Empathy fosters deeper connections and solutions that genuinely resonate with their needs.

  3. Lifelong learning: Continuously educate yourself about the industry and customer challenges. This knowledge equips you to offer valuable insights and solutions.

At Samsara, our success is intertwined with our customers' success. We recognise the immense value in meaningful customer interactions, from consultative relationships with AEs to engineering collaborations and immersive events like Beyond. By fostering these connections, we not only provide innovative technology but also build partnerships that propel our customers toward operational excellence.

To find out more about the exciting and rewarding opportunities at Samsara, please visit our careers page.


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