Samsara and Navistar Partner to Launch Integrated Fleet Management Solution

July 09, 2020

Today, as part of our continued effort to unlock the power of embedded telematics data, we’re excited to announce that Samsara and Navistar have formed a strategic partnership to offer an integrated fleet management solution for International trucks. This includes two new turnkey integrations that will streamline data sharing between both platforms, and empower customers to:

  • Streamline fleet management by bringing embedded telematics data from International® 360 into the Samsara platform.

  • Improve fleet maintenance by making Samsara fault code data available in Navistar OnCommand Connection (OCC).

Streamline fleet management by bringing embedded telematics data from International® 360 into Samsara

Bring data from the telematics devices embedded in International trucks into Samsara, through a turnkey integration with the International 360 platform. This makes it easy to surface mission-critical data, like GPS location, odometer, speed, engine hours, and fuel level, into Samsara automatically without having to install any aftermarket hardware.

Early users of the International® 360 integration, such as JR Kays Trucking, have used it to get mission-critical data from their International trucks to better run their fleet. According to Rob Alexis, Vice President of Operations at JR Kays Trucking, “This partnership makes it possible to bring valuable data from our International trucks into Samsara, and it helps us manage our fleet more efficiently.”

Improve fleet maintenance with Navistar OnCommand™ Connection integration

As part of our partnership with Navistar, we’ve also launched an integration with the Navistar OnCommand Connection platform for maintenance and remote diagnostics. With this integration, customers can automatically bring fault codes captured by the Samsara Vehicle Gateway into OnCommand Connection in order to get real-time insights into vehicle health and maintenance needs.

The beginnings of a long-term partnership, with more to come

Samsara and Navistar are building a long-term partnership to continue offering innovative fleet management solutions to shared heavy duty trucking customers. For example, at Samsara we’re actively building support for ELD capabilities and compatibility with the Samsara AI dash cam as part of this integrated solution, both of which will be available soon. As further evidence of this partnership, Navistar has also started deploying Samsara technology across their internal fleet of vehicles to help with testing and quality assurance efforts.

“At Navistar, we remain committed to developing solutions that create sustainable value for our customers,” said Chintan Sopariwala, vice president, Aftersales Operations and Connected Vehicle, Navistar. “This partnership allows our customers access to Samsara’s fleet management service and Navistar’s connected solutions through one, factory-installed device.”

Try it for yourself 

If you’d like to activate these integrations for your organization, please reach out to your Samsara representative to learn more. If you’re not yet a Samsara customer, get in touch for a free trial to see the power of the full Samsara platform.

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