New In Industrial: Better Visibility into Production Performance

March 26, 2019

Today we’re excited to share the redesigned Samsara HMI. As a part of our cloud-based SCADA/HMI system, the new interface makes it easier than ever to improve visibility into operational performance across sites.

What is an HMI?

In an industrial setting, an HMI (Human Machine Interface) is anything that allows an operator to communicate with an automated control system. Typically, it is a local screen that connects to a PLC and acts as the operator’s dashboard. A basic HMI will perform four primary functions:

  • Visualization: Translates and displays machine data as readable graphs, charts, and diagrams in real-time.

  • Control & Data Entry: Allows operators to change process variables, like turning a switch on or off, and input relevant data via a touchscreen or keypad.

  • Recipe Initiation: Can simultaneously signal multiple machines and operating parameters to initiate new production recipes with a single click.

  • Alarming: Warns operators when a machine or process is experiencing an issue that requires attention or fixing.

Samsara recognized that while traditional systems can do a good job of improving on-site operator visibility, important data is less readily available to anyone without direct access to the plant floor. Our newest offering tackles this issue head-on.

Cloud HMI

A cloud-based HMI performs the same visualization, control, and alarming functions as a basic HMI, but provides access from anywhere, on any device. This makes it easy to view machine data from anywhere in the world, instantly and in real-time.

Built on a secure cloud architecture, Samsara’s HMI is designed to help you:

  • Reduce time and manual work spent gathering data with real-time visibility from anywhere.

  • Easily share relevant and historical data across the organization with an integrated database and easy-to-customize screens.

  • Quickly respond to production issues with remote control.

Take your HMI Everywhere

With browser-based HMI screens that automatically resize to fit any device, desktop or mobile, you can keep a finger on the pulse of your operations on or off-site. Operators can spend less time taking trips out to the field to collect data from remote machines, while multi-site plant managers can get a live look at their entire operation in just a few clicks. Cloud-connectivity means data is automatically and securely collected, stored, and visualized eliminating the need for manual and time-consuming monitoring and reporting.

Drive Performance Improvements

While real-time data is critical for operators, historical data can provide distinct value to managers looking to improve plant performance. With an integrated database, Samsara makes it easy to analyze operational trends over time. Using the drag and drop designer and ready-made components for displaying individual readings, sparklines, and dynamic line graphs, it’s just as easy to create a single site overview as it is to provide a comparison of historical performance across multiple sites, all on a single screen.

Take Action from Anywhere

With the ability to set custom alerts in the Samsara dashboard, operators will always be aware of pressing issues via automated text and email notifications. Once alerted, they can access the HMI to start solving problems immediately without going on-site. Whether it’s adjusting a setpoint or triggering a remote emergency shutdown, the Samsara HMI enables you to act quickly and minimize the impact of costly issues like leaks and spills or errors in production.

Deploy Rapidly with Integrated Hardware

Samsara’s cloud-based HMI/SCADA system runs on the plug-and-play IG-series industrial controller, so you can start monitoring and analyzing data in a matter of minutes. Unlike traditional systems, there’s no need to set up additional servers and databases or download extra software packages. Simply connect any I/Os or existing control systems to the controller, and gain instant visibility through the cloud. And because Samsara syncs data across machines and sites, you’ll have access to HMI screens across your operation from one integrated dashboard.

Our SCADA/HMI system and integrated IG-series hardware are available today - reach out now for a free trial.

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