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Team Spotlight: The People Behind Finance at Samsara

June 4, 2021

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From accounting to forecasting and beyond, our finance team keeps Samsara running behind the scenes. As part of our “Team Spotlight” series, we sat down with a few folks from our finance team to offer a peek into their backgrounds and what it’s like to work at Samsara.

Chasity Mathis, Accounts Receivable Team Lead

Chasity Mathis

Joined Samsara: February 2019
Based in:
Atlanta, GA

Finance is way more than numbers. It’s the glue that holds everything together. 

When people think of us, they think of accounting. But they don't realize we also help customers understand the details of their orders, like the products that they have and the amounts in which they pay for their services. We troubleshoot their issues and work with teams across sales, support, order operations, and more to ensure that our customers have the best overall experience—all the way from ordering to operating their devices.

Some of us have worked in the medical field, as engineers, or even as comedians! It surprises people when they find out what a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds we all have—but it’s also why we can create such a positive and unique customer experience. 

Robert Kline, Revenue Analyst

Robert Kline

Joined Samsara: April 2019
Based in:
San Francisco, CA

My first job out of college was in enterprise software sales. One year into my sales career, I realized I didn’t have the passion to thrive in that career path, so I started exploring online courses outside of work and discovered a financial analyst course. 

I quickly got hooked and found I had a passion for working with numbers and learning how to analyze large sets of data. At Samsara, I get to do just that. I help capture and report on every dollar earned by Samsara. We help organize those dollars and ask: “Where did they come from? How should we treat them? When can we report them as earned revenue?” Since revenue is impacted by almost everything, I find myself working on lots of projects beyond just working with and analyzing numbers—helping the company in even more ways. After completing that course, I knew I wanted to pursue a career in finance, and I’m proud to say I’ve never looked back. 

Jamie Fine, Tax Manager

Jamie Fine

Joined Samsara: July 2019
Based in:
San Francisco, CA

I was first drawn to tax in college because it combined two of my favorite things—math and following rules! I continued on to receive my master’s and eventually started my career in income tax where I met some amazing mentors. They taught me the value of not just working hard, but also making personal connections with your clients and teams. One of those mentors left to become the tax director at a company called Samsara, and I thought it might be fun to join her!

Now, my team motivates me to succeed. I feel so fortunate to work alongside such intelligent and supportive people. I’m responsible for 100+ tax jurisdictions throughout North America and globally. Every month, I help make sure our sales tax and VAT returns are filed on time. I also stay up-to-date with changes to tax law and even changes to Samsara’s operations that could require us to update our tax policies or company structure. I even help ensure we’re taxing our customers appropriately. Tax is constantly evolving, but it’s exciting to figure out how to fit the pieces together so that we do what’s best for Samsara. My team makes all the hard work worth it.

Joanne Nguyen, Accounting Operations

Joanne Nguyen

Joined Samsara: March 2019
Based in:
San Francisco, CA

If you’ve heard a finance team share how busy they are during “month-end close”—well, that is my job in a nutshell! Month-end close is when our accounting team inputs and validates every single financial transaction from the previous month—from every dollar leaving the company (including payroll and expenses) to every single dollar coming in. 25 people (and counting) come together to get this done, and it’s my responsibility to ensure that all these moving parts are completed. We would not be able to complete our financial close in five days without the high-performing accountants on the team.

This might make us seem like number-crunching machines, but we all find ways to bond and let loose. I’ll never forget my favorite day at Samsara—Halloween 2019! My furry friend (dog) Giannis and I dressed up as Batman, and we spent the day fighting (finance) crimes and rejecting incomplete expense reports.


When Giannis isn't dressed as Batman for Halloween, he still dresses to impress.

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