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8 Actionable Tips for Improving Fleet Safety

Learn how to build a successful fleet safety program, with tips from the award-winning management team at Dohrn Transfer Company on improving driver safety and reducing vehicle accidents.

Previously, our coaching was reactive—drivers would be coached if they received a ticket or were involved in an accident. Now, we coach drivers proactively.”

Troy Winthurst
Director of Safety, Dohrn Transfer Company

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Learn how to build a successful fleet safety program

Are you looking to reduce accidents, decrease insurance premiums, or roll out dash cams for the first time? Download this in-depth guide to get tips on:

  • Change management
  • Communication and planning
  • Driver coaching
  • Gamification of safe driving
  • Safety-based rewards
  • Preventative vehicle maintenance
  • Driver engagement and retention

See how one fleet built their safety program from the ground up

Founded in 1921, Dohrn is now a leading less-than-truckload carrier in the Midwest, with more than 500 vehicles and 21 terminals across 14 Midwestern states. They employ 645 commercial drivers and have 545 motor vehicles on the road daily.

Dohrn recently rolled out a new video-based fleet safety program—including dash cams, new safety rules, driver coaching protocols, and safety-based rewards. In just 12 months, they achieved an 88% reduction in harsh events (like harsh braking, harsh turning, and collisions) and 35% reduction in hours over the speed limit.

Download this in-depth guide to get behind-the-scenes tips on how Dohrn built their safety program from the ground up. You’ll see what tactics they’ve found to be most effective for improving driver safety and reducing motor vehicle accidents, as well as best practices for successful change management.

Must-read for any fleet considering dash cams

Dash cams are proven to reduce reckless driving and make preventable accidents and property damage less likely. But rolling out dash cams and building an effective fleet safety program can be daunting—how do you communicate the change and get driver buy-in?

In this guide, see how Dohrn successfully rolled out dash cams by crafting a new safety policy that works for both their back-office staff and their drivers. You’ll learn how to:

  • Get driver buy-in on dash cams: Learn how to create a company policy and communication plan that makes drivers feel comfortable with having a dash cam in their cab. See how to talk about risk management, accident reporting, disciplinary action, and corrective actions with current employees and new drivers.

  • Coach drivers with dash cam footage: Learn how to create a coaching program that encourages safe operation of your company vehicles, improves driver performance, and reduces moving violations and motor vehicle accidents. See how you can use dash cam footage to minimize distracted driving (like cell phone use), maximize seat belt use, and coach your team on defensive driving and vehicle safety.

  • Increase driver retention with dash cams: Learn how to create a safety-based rewards program that uses the data from your dash cams and telematics system to gamify driver safety. See how gamification and rewards can not only improve driving records, but also boost driver engagement and retention.

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If you’re interested in improving driver behavior, reducing accidents, and increasing safety across the board, this free guide is a great resource. Download now to get our top eight tips for improving fleet safety.

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