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4 of Samsara’s Most Game-Changing New Releases of Spring 2023

April 20, 2023

Makayla Crane

Senior Customer Program Manager, Learning & Enablement


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Throughout the spring of 2023, Samsara released dozens of new features to help our customers operate more efficiently, safely, and sustainably. Stay up-to-date with this summary of the most impactful releases rolled out since the beginning of the year—and learn how you can start using them today.

For a more extensive overview of these new features, register for our upcoming quarterly product training webinar on April 27.

1. Reduce emissions and electrify with confidence with Sustainable Fleet Management solutions

Between rising pressure to reduce carbon emissions, fluctuating fuel costs, and overall ambiguity in transitioning to electric vehicles (EVs), operations leaders are in need of a more robust sustainability toolkit. In April of 2023, Samsara announced the Sustainable Fleet Management bundle, a new fleet management solution that includes features such as the EV Suitability Report, Fuel & Energy Hub, and Sustainability Report. This evolution of Samsara’s existing Fuel & EV offerings will continue empowering you with the tools you need to improve sustainability.


How to use the Sustainable Fleet Management bundle to improve sustainability:

  • Maximize your fuel efficiency with the new Fuel & Energy Hub: Leverage new tools to optimize performance for drivers, assets, and applications and gain a holistic view of driver performance and behavior across your fleet. Reports such as Fuel & Energy, Driver Efficiency, and Idling, as well as the Driver App and Route Playback, can identify gaps and elevate fuel efficient driving behavior at scale. To preserve vehicle health and curb maintenance costs, use electronic DVIRs, preventative maintenance scheduling, and defect alerts to ensure optimal vehicle health with a digital preventative maintenance plan.

  • Jumpstart your fleet’s electrification with the EV Suitability Report: Accelerate to zero-emissions and streamline your EV transition. In addition to insights into current and predicted emissions by fleet and location, you can plan your personalized electrification journey and make informed EV decisions for your organization. Plus, the centralized dashboard makes it simpler than ever to unlock new benchmarks across your fleet while you set and track your electrification goals.

  • Build a culture of sustainability with the Sustainability Report: Use Samsara’s blend of fuel-focused features to fast track the sustainability milestones critical to your ESG report with an enterprise-grade platform. Unlock data-driven insights and empower your organization to drive sustainability directives while staying ahead of environmental regulations. Plus, you’ll get real-time tracking and reporting on factors contributing to your carbon footprint. 

You can start playing with these features from your Fuel & Energy menu in your Samsara dashboard.

Want more information? Check out Samsara’s Sustainable Fleet Management solution, now available to customers across North America and Europe.

2. Filter data faster and more granularly with Attributes 

Whether you need to dispatch drivers with a specific license class or understand utilization among vehicles of a specific fuel type, you can use Attributes to zoom in on drivers and equipment quickly and easily. Attributes are user-defined characteristics for drivers and assets that allow you to view and manage your data more effectively. Attributes are highly customizable, and enable you to define both the characteristics and lists of associated values that matter most to your fleet. 


How to use Attributes to capture and filter the data you need, when you need it:

  • Hone in on the right assets at the right time: Execute faster by filtering with Attributes, and dispatch the right drivers at the right time. You can also simplify your analysis by filtering reports to get just the data you need—for example, fuel reporting for only 2019 Peterbilt trucks. 

  • See more detail with Attributes: Get additional characteristics on your drivers and assets, including license type, HOS status, make, model, year, and more. Toggle up to six Attributes to see the information you need, in the way that’s right for you.

Explore common uses for Attributes in this product guide.

3. Prevent vehicle theft and improve stolen asset recovery rates with Engine Immobilizer

The loss of a single asset can cost thousands of dollars, making proactive asset security a priority for organizations that want to increase security and their bottom line. Samsara's Engine Immobilizer, updated in February 2023, allows fleet managers to remotely enable or disable movement of any vehicle from the Samsara dashboard. When installed and activated, the engine immobilizer will enable and disable electrical circuits, preventing the vehicle from moving. With its discreet design and immediate response, the Engine Immobilizer is ideal for preventing vehicle theft, improving stolen assets recovery rates, and managing vehicle movement.


How you can use Engine Immobilizer to improve your asset security:

  • Restrict vehicle use: By using the Engine Immobilizer, you can disable or enable the vehicle's starter line remotely and securely.

  • Keep vehicles connected to the cloud: When vehicles are connected to the cloud, you’ll receive real-time alerts for VG tampering events.

  • Recover stolen vehicles: When a security event does occur, the Engine Immobilizer enables you to safely slow down the vehicle remotely.

Learn more about Engine Immobilizer in the product page.

Interested in deploying Engine Immobilizers within your fleet? Check out our webstore or speak to your account representative for more information on how you can operate a more secure fleet.

4. Simplify account management with Billing Portal Enhancements

Samsara’s best-in-class solutions are now simpler than ever to manage. Billing Portal Enhancements, released in April 2023, improve visibility into plans and upcoming renewals within your existing account billing page, allowing admins to manage Samsara purchases and renewals more easily.


How to use Billing Portal Enhancements to increase account visibility and streamline account management:

  • View license counts at-a-glance: With license counts enabled, you can see the total number of licenses associated with your account, by license type.

  • Track contracts and upcoming renewals with ease: Billing and invoices information will be consolidated to the left panel of the page, and all plans will be listed on the right.

Review your plans and license count today from the Billing page within the Settings menu in your Samsara dashboard. You can learn more about Billing Portal Enhancements in the product guide

For a more extensive overview of the most game-changing features Samsara released in 2023, make sure to register for our upcoming quarterly product training webinar on April 27.

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