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Customer Success at Samsara: Optimizing Value And Driving Outcomes For Our Customers

October 19, 2022

Christine Hou

Senior Director, Customer Success


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Investing in a seamless customer experience is essential for any SaaS company. Customers are regularly evaluating where to invest their resources and determining if their tools are optimizing results and continuing to add value to their company. Especially in today’s macroeconomic climate, our customers are facing tightening supply chains, labor shortages, and pressure to do more with less. Now more than ever, it is imperative that Samsara helps our customers drive their operations to be more efficient, safe, and sustainable. This is why we have invested in building a world-class Customer Success team at Samsara.

What is Customer Success?

Customer Success at Samsara is made up of many different teams that mirror the customer lifecycle and come together to create a positive end-to-end experience. 

  • After a customer signs with Samsara, we make sure they are onboarded quickly and seamlessly. Our Services team is trained in implementation and change management, with a singular focus on ensuring customers see value quickly, no matter their use case. This team creates launch plans and roadmaps to increase product usage, track implementation progress, and run training sessions. All the while, they work through any challenges that prevent executives and day-to-day users from leveraging our platform.

  • After we celebrate a go-live, our Customer Success Management team takes over to drive adoption, expand usage, and maximize the value customers receive from Samsara. We create joint success plans with customers, outline their objectives and metrics, and gameplan on new workflows to make sure they’re getting the most out of their Samsara investment. 

  • Our Scaled team ensures that we can serve all customers with speed and agility. This means leveraging data and analytics to build automated and one-to-many programs that complement personalized interactions at key moments. This team ensures a wide variety of customers launch Samsara successfully, and they continuously test programs and ideas to help bring Samsara’s value to our full customer base.

Samsara’s customer-facing teams have the unique opportunity of working daily with businesses that power our economy. At the beginning of the COVID-19 outbreak, our teams saw first-hand the deep impact on all the industries we serve—from passenger transit to construction to food and beverage—and we worked hand-in-hand with customers to ensure their operations were safe. Today, we are creating workflows with our customers to drive efficiency in an economy slowed by supply chain issues—ensuring critical goods like medicine, food, and government services reach their destination as quickly as possible. 

Our values drive who we are

All of us work in service of the customer experience, and our Samsara values drive our daily operations. A few ways in which our values define who we are: 

  • Focus on customer success: Our number one company priority is to listen to the customer. As the tip of the spear, Customer Success has a great responsibility to ensure the voice of the customer echoes through the entire company. We bring executives and cross-functional stakeholders into conversations, we surface new insights to leadership, and we continuously test and provide feedback on new product features. We’re proud to be solving real-world problems alongside our users and doing our part to constantly improve the customer experience. 

  • Build for the long term: We know the customer journey is long, and while we aim to hit the ground running, we also know that proving our worth will take time. It takes change management and resolve to deploy new workflows that create lasting change within our customers' operations. Internally, we also want to make sure we are building a world-class team. Whether that’s a new piece of software, an innovative way to automate a repetitive task, a professional development series, or Ask-Me-Anything sessions with Samsara executives, we are constantly finding ways to enhance the employee experience. 

  • Adopt a growth mindset: Customer Success is a fairly young discipline, both within Samsara and in the SaaS world. I am proud that in the three years of Samsara Customer Success, we have built a cutting-edge organization that continues to push the boundaries of the customer experience. Much of this growth comes from our own team members’ feedback – we encourage everyone to drive a step change in our organization. For example, two Customer Success Managers led the department-wide migration of our data management system from Google to Confluence after they had trouble finding documentation. That is the kind of tenacity, initiative, and problem-solving skills that really set us apart and give team members a chance to make a big impact.

  • Be inclusive: We strongly believe that everyone belongs and should bring their authentic self to work every day – not just within Customer Success but across Samsara. Our team members and managers have leadership roles in company-wide employee resource groups, including Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at Samsara, Women at Samsara, Latinx at Samsara, and more. Our team members serve on Samsara’s Diversity and Inclusion working groups and our senior leadership is part of key initiatives like the Diversity and Inclusion Steering Committee and the Privacy and Ethics Board. Within our own team, we strive to hire, develop, and retain a diverse workforce, and have committed to short- and long-term DEI goals. We want every single team member to feel at home here.

  • Win as a team: We are the customer insight engine of the company, which means we have an obligation to sound the alarm or amplify the acclaim when we notice patterns in our customer base. As a result, we have strong relationships with cross-functional teams like Support, Product, Engineering, Operations, Sales, Marketing, Finance, and Legal across all levels.  Whenever we celebrate a go-live, a renewal, or a turnaround, we recognize that it is a cross-functional team effort. Not only do our team members have relationships across the various functions, but I am very proud that our team also has regular opportunities to make their voices heard upwards. For example, during our Enterprise business reviews, it’s common to see an executive, including our CEO, on the line to support the CSM and hear customer feedback directly. Within our own team, we always act with respect towards others, appreciate a job well done, and support each other’s individual goals.

Customer Success team

Join our team and make real world impact 

Although Samsara has already climbed to a top 30 publicly traded SaaS company, we are still growing to meet the opportunity ahead. We are poised to continue to disrupt the world’s operations, and we are passionate about serving our customers who power the global economy. Our Customer Success team is a critical piece of the customer feedback loop that has gotten Samsara to where we are today, at breakneck speed, and will certainly take us to new heights in the future.

If you are looking for a company where you can have an impact on the world and work with a phenomenal team of people who live and embody these values every day,  we hope you’ll consider joining our Customer Success team. Check out our open positions here and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram to learn more.


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