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Improve Fleet Safety with Samsara

August 25, 2017


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With the introduction of Safety Reports and the CM11 Dash Cam, Samsara now offers the most integrated modern fleet management solution on the market.

Our safety solution allows customers to:

  • Identify risky driving with more visibility into driver and vehicle activity

  • Reduce accidents by discouraging risky behavior with dash cams and proactive driver coaching

  • Lower operating costs by exonerating employees, expediting insurance claims, reducing insurance premiums, and avoiding expensive accidents

Identify Risky Driving with Safety Reports

Samsara’s Safety Report aggregates data from our Vehicle IoT Gateway in an easy-to-use platform interface with actionable insights.

Safety Report

The Safety Report helps fleet managers identify unsafe driving, incentivize good behavior, and facilitate effective feedback. Its central feature is the safety score, which uses data from accidents, harsh events and speeding violations to rank and score drivers. These rankings help fleet managers identify their most risky drivers and develop rewards programs to encourage safer driving. Customers value the visibility that our rankings offer.

Incident Report

From the main Safety Report, Samsara customers can drill down to even more detailed pages that include stats and records for individual drivers and vehicles. For example, the incident report above shows time, location and speed during one driver's harsh braking event that was flagged. For additional real-time insights, users can set up text and email alerts to get notified about incidents as they happen.

Reduce Accidents with Dash Cams

Dashboard cameras are another powerful tool to improve fleet safety. Samsara’s CM11 Dash Cam is a front-facing camera that captures high-definition videos and images from the driver’s perspective. Unlike other in-vehicle cameras that require manual downloads and time-consuming reviews, the CM11 Dash Cam instantly flags and uploads harsh driving events. This means when incidents do occur, fleet managers can access footage immediately, which is critical in the aftermath of an accident.

Many of our customers review the Safety Report and dash cam videos on a daily basis to coach drivers on what not to do behind the wheel.

Dash Cam

Lower Operating Costs while Improving Safety

Fleet managers spend thousands of dollars on accidents, but the presence of in-vehicle video cameras alone can reduce accident-inducing behavior by up to 50%. With crashes costing employers $16,500 on average, this is a big opportunity for savings. For example, a fleet of 100 vehicles has 35 accidents per year on average, according to the FMCSA. If Samsara prevents just four of those accidents, the CM11 system pays for itself. Check out our ROI calculator for more payback details.

Dash cam videos can also lower insurance costs by exonerating drivers when they are unfairly blamed for accidents and by expediting insurance claims when incidents occur. Some of our customers have found that their insurance companies cover the cost of Dash Cams with lower premiums, so be sure to let your insurer know that you are considering Samsara.

Learn more in our complete guide to building an effective fleet safety program, or reach out today for a free trial. And as always, let us know if you have any feedback or questions.


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