Introducing the Samsara Industrial Partner Program

November 14, 2019

Today we’re excited to announce the official launch of the Samsara Industrial Partner Program. Our industrial partners bring decades of combined experience in making new technologies operational in the toughest customer environments, and they’re critical in helping us deliver exceptional customer experiences. The Samsara Partner Program is designed to help them reach more customers faster.

Registering for the Samsara Industrial Partner Program is free and is the fastest way to start working with Samsara. Registered partners can expect to benefit from:

  • Healthy margins for resale and customer referrals

  • Regular updates on new product and feature developments

  • Access to partner portal for additional documentation and best practices

  • New customer opportunities sourced and shared by the Samsara team

DST Controls on site at Samsara HQ.

Flywheel Certification

Individual partners looking to build deep expertise with Samsara products can also opt to apply for Flywheel Certification where they’ll complete additional technical training. Upon completion of the Flywheel Program, partners and their organizations benefit from: 

  • Access to exclusive enablement and training sessions

  • Designated certified status at the individual and organizational level

  • First preference as a referral for Samsara sourced customer opportunities

  • Additional technical resources and dedicated engineering support

Both Machine Vision and Monitoring and Control certifications are available.

Creating New Revenue Streams

Working with Samsara, partners have the opportunity to unlock new revenue streams. Accessible and user-friendly Industrial IoT technology makes digital transformation feasible for far more segments and applications, growing the total addressable market for our partners. And with remote monitoring that is simple to set up, many partners are using Samsara as a platform on which to build managed services for greater profitability and as a source of recurring revenue. 

The Samsara Industrial Partner Program represents a major step forward in our investment in partnerships as a key driver of Samsara’s mission to increase the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of our customers’ operations. Learn more and apply today here

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