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Samsara Named in 2022 Gartner® Market Guide for Transportation Mobility

December 7, 2022

Frank Fellows

Director, Analyst Relations


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We are proud to share that Samsara has been named a Representative Vendor in the August 2022 Gartner Market Guide for Transportation Mobility. We believe this is an important step forward in our mission to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy. 

Gartner defines transportation mobility as, “technology (that) enables fleet operators in the supply chain to locate and track the movements, as well as monitor conditions, of mobile over-the-road transportation assets in real-time, using cellular or, in specific cases, satellite links. It allows these operators to ensure driver safety and performance. The analysis of driver performance results in improvements in fuel consumption, prevention of workers’ compensation claims and prevention of accidents. This, in turn, leads to lower operating costs; higher compliance, safety and accountability (CSA) scores; and possibly, lower insurance rates.”

With Samsara’s Connected Operations Cloud, tens of thousands of companies across industries including transportation and logistics, construction, field services, utilities and energy, government, healthcare and education, manufacturing, and food and beverage, are connecting their physical operations. We are helping customers achieve the outcomes above—and more. For example, Dohrn Transfer Company uses Samsara to support ELD compliance, routing and dispatch efficiency, safety programs, and preventative maintenance for its 545-vehicle fleet.

According to Gartner, supply chain technology leaders responsible for evaluating transportation mobility solutions for their own fleets should:

  • “Improve regulatory compliance by investing in solutions that adhere to government standards, such as the U.S. and Canadian electronic logging device (ELD) mandates.”

  • “Enhance and improve driver safety, real-time visibility, and driver and vehicle performance via real-time monitoring by implementing transportation mobility technologies. Reduce transportation costs, such as costs of incidents and insurance, while improving driver retention and recruiting by investing in video telematics.”

  • “Leverage insights in this research and select the most appropriate vendor for your needs by evaluating vendors that are part of a larger organization or specialized vendors that could get acquired.”

In addition, since Gartner has published over 100 Market Guide research notes, IT and strategic leaders can gain a broad view of many markets, ranging from small to more mature markets, in an easy-to-read format.

To read the full report, which contains more information on the market, please visit the Gartner Market Guide for Transportation Mobility.


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