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What We Value at Samsara

December 7, 2021

CEO and co-founder of Samsara
Sanjit Biswas

CEO & Co-Founder


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One of the founding principles when we started Samsara back in 2015 was to always run feedback loops and keep iterating. This has made it possible to build a broad set of products that bring new technology and innovations to the world of physical operations. It also has allowed us to have impact at scale, helping tens of thousands of customers digitize their physical operations on the Samsara Connected Operations Cloud.

Getting feedback and iterating is something we also do as we look at how we ourselves continue to grow, develop, and evolve our company—especially when it comes to building a great culture. We recently went through this process as we took a closer look at our values. Our goal: to ensure the values we have at Samsara capture the full breadth of who we are and who we aspire to be. After running feedback loops with employees and employee resource groups, we are excited to share our updated values.

Samsara’s Values

Our culture is centered on five core values:

Focus on customer success. We build relationships with our customers, look to solve problems, and deliver a great customer experience.

As we transition into our next chapter as a company, we must continue to focus on the customer experience and delivering great outcomes, something we’ve strived to do from the beginning. We live this value by partnering with our customers to solve their business problems, and delivering an exceptional experience that enables them to achieve their goals—whether that be safety, efficiency, or sustainability. Working with our customers is what gives us energy to do even more.

Build for the long term. We are building an enduring company that makes a positive impact on the world. The digital transformation for physical operations won’t happen overnight, and we are committed to working at a sustained pace to help make it happen.

The potential to transform physical operations is what has motivated us since day one—but we know that transformation of industries takes time. We believe in doing exceptional work to solve customer problems and building a great place to work for our people—these are foundational to Samsara becoming a market leader in the long term. In order to do this, we are focused on prioritizing and balancing our most important work with taking care of ourselves and our teams. 

Adopt a growth mindset. We are curious and have an entrepreneurial spirit where we seek out new challenges, embracing lessons learned along the way.

Our curiosity is what drives us. We approach solving problems for our customers with excitement and an open mind, asking questions and trying different approaches. Instead of being disappointed when something doesn’t work out, we see learning opportunities to apply that newfound knowledge in the future. 

Be inclusive. We create an environment where people can bring their whole, authentic selves to work, that reflects the diversity of the world we are helping to improve.

Diversity is the backbone of innovation, where some of the most impactful ideas come from people with different experiences and perspectives. We’re creating an environment where people can bring their authentic selves to work, and we invite every employee to embrace their whole identity and contribute to making Samsara better. Why? Because building products for a diverse world means we need diverse backgrounds and viewpoints represented inside our company.  

Win as a team. We win together, celebrate together, and support each other. We all operate with trust and respect, and are excited to build and contribute to Samsara’s community.

Teamwork has been foundational to our success, and that hasn’t changed since we started the company. Building for the long term is a group effort; we win when we work together toward a common goal. As a community, we not only celebrate our collective triumphs, we also make mistakes together and grow together. We trust, empower, and support each other to make decisions, and we hold each other accountable for the results we achieve. And, most importantly, we like each other’s company and try to have some fun along the way as a team! 

Living our values 

With this updated guide to who we are and how we make decisions, I’m proud of Samsara’s team and culture as we continue to build the future of connected operations together. 

These are the values we strive to live by every day and they help us in the pursuit of our mission to increase the safety, efficiency, and sustainability of the operations that power the global economy. If you are looking for a company where you can have an impact on the world and work with a phenomenal team of people who live and embody these values every day,  we hope you’ll consider joining our team. Check out our open positions here and follow us on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram to learn more. 


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