Samsara Customer Benefits

Business Insights

Demonstrating the value Samsara will bring to your business.

Select Samsara prospects receive complimentary pilot management and assessment before finalizing a purchase. These turnkey projects range from 2 to 6 months in duration, during which our Business Value Strategists (BVS) partner with you to design an in-depth pilot, and deploy and monitor a significant number of Samsara devices. Our BVS team will also quantify the impact Samsara can have on your business and your expected return on investment.

Implementation Consulting Services

We know that implementation is where the work begins.

Implementation & training services are offered to ensure a smooth implementation process. Our customer success team brings program management expertise and a strong track record for delivering results. We collaborate to design and deliver a smooth go-live, minimizing the time from purchase to business value. This can include but is not limited to, customized and detailed project planning, on-site support, and tailored trainings for your workforce.

Integrations Professional Services

Getting the most out of your technology.

Large deployments have access to our Integrations Professional Services team. Our engineers are tasked with helping you leverage your Samsara data across complex business systems, working with you to ensure that your unique technical requirements are met. Whether it’s project-based engagements or managed services, our flexible pricing model will fit your needs.