Frost & Sullivan Report: Video Telematics is a New Safety Norm for Commercial Fleets

June 08, 2020

Samsara is considered one of the most interesting video telematics companies to watch in 2020 and beyond, according to Frost & Sullivan, an analyst known for their annual insights on vehicle telematics technology. In their new visual report "Video Telematics is a New Safety Norm for Commercial Fleets," Frost & Sullivan discusses the top challenges facing fleets today, explains how video safety technologies are helping fleets reduce accidents, and highlights Samsara as a top vendor to watch.

The Rise of Video Safety Technologies  

Due to rising accident rates, increased in-cab distractions, and skyrocketing legal settlements, fleet managers increasingly see safety as not only a risk to their drivers, but also to their bottom line. In fact, Frost & Sullivan found that safety was the number one priority for 36% of fleet managers, with reducing driver distraction a top concern; and they found that accidents involving fatalities cost fleets $10.8M on average. 

Today, fleets are turning to video safety technology to reduce these risks. Studies show that video telematics solutions can reduce accidents and aid in incident investigation. For example in the report, Frost & Sullivan highlights how video telematics solutions have been found to:

The Recent Evolution of Video Safety

The report explains how this impact is in part because video safety technologies have evolved tremendously over the past decade:

At first, dash cams were simple event recorders that recorded footage until their storage was full and required manually retrieving footage from a vehicle and downloading it to a computer. More recently, commercial dash cams became internet-connected and events could be triggered by a g-force accelerometer, making it easier for fleet managers to review specific harsh event footage. Today, the most advanced dash cams, such as Samsara AI Dash Cams, use a combination of g-force sensors and embedded AI to detect a wide range of hard-to-detect incidents, like distracted driving and tailgating, and even offer in-cab alerts to help drivers react to risk factors before an accident occurs.

Why Samsara is a Company to Watch

Frost & Sullivan's report confirms that Samsara was the fastest growing video telematics vendor in 2019, and the future continues to be bright.

“Mapping Samsara’s past achievements and growth trajectory launches the company into an exponential growth projectile,” writes Frost & Sullivan. This is thanks to the company’s mix of customer commitment, pre- and post-sales support, and product innovation. “Samsara is justifiably one of the most interesting companies to watch out for in 2020 and beyond.”

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