London Calling: Samsara Opens in the UK

London Calling: Samsara Opens in the UK

May 16, 2018

Today, we’re excited to announce that Samsara is opening our first international office - in London.

The United Kingdom was a natural fit to expand our operations. While learning about the market and speaking to customers, we quickly observed that fleets in the UK face challenges in locating, routing, and maintaining their fleets and are searching for reliable solutions that offer ways to improve efficiency and safety. We see an opportunity for Samsara’s proven, integrated platform to deliver real results.

London is a springboard for our international efforts

London’s entrepreneurial, international spirit also makes it an easy place to establish a new base. As a hub for business, finance, education, technology, and creative industries, the city presents an incredible springboard to launch our efforts first in the UK and eventually across Europe. And our office, located in Aldgate, will be nestled in the thick of it, surrounded by other startups and growing enterprises.

New Products for UK Needs

To ensure we’re offering the best possible solution, we have modified our suite of products and services to meet the needs of our UK customers. Over the past few months, we have run countless tests and updated our products to ensure they’ll connect seamlessly to UK vehicles and equipment, meet UK compliance needs, and collect data and metrics that are important to UK fleets.

UK Dashboard

In the coming months, we’ll roll out the first new feature designed specially for UK customers - remote tachograph downloading. This will be a critical addition to our integrated platform, helping customers automate a manual and time consuming process, increase productivity, streamline compliance and make drivers’ and fleet owners’ lives easier. And it will be the first of many new products as we continue to innovate and iterate based on the feedback we hear from our customers.

Our Commitment to the UK

We see this as the start of a meaningful and lasting presence in the UK and across Europe and are committed to making sure that this new international venture thrives. To that end, ten of our employees moved last week from San Francisco to London to set down roots and re-create the culture that has made Samsara a fast-growing success in the US.

UK Launch Team

As we build out this new office, our ability to hit the ground running hinges on building a team of incredible people to support this new endeavor. Our early hires will chart the course for Samsara in the UK, so we’re looking for ambitious self-starters who are excited to help an established startup tackle a new market. We’re hiring for a wide range of roles, so if you’re interested, check out our careers page.

Looking Ahead

We’re thrilled to embark on this new adventure, to establish our new home in London, and to continue expanding Samsara’s reach across the UK and eventually into Europe. If you’re a UK-based fleet owner who has been waiting for us to make the leap across the pond and is interested in learning more, we’re ready to work with you. Sign up for a free trial and to receive our newsletter here.

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