New TMS Integration: McLeod Software

October 02, 2018

Silvicom, a truckload carrier that serves customers in all 48 contiguous states, prides itself on its commitment to customer service. As CEO Silviya Rogacheva declares, “On-time performance is critical for our business.” But, maintaining operational efficiency and compliance can be a challenge, especially in the face of shifting customer expectations and regulations. For fleets like Silvicom, it’s more important than ever to be able to incorporate real-time data into the way they plan and execute their daily operations.

That’s why Samsara is proud to announce a new partnership with McLeod Software. Now, Hours of Service records and GPS data from Samsara’s FMCSA-certified ELD will be accessible directly from the McLeod dashboard. With centralized access to driver logs and real-time vehicle locations, our shared customers will be able to:

  • Simplify dispatch and ensure compliance with the ability to quickly match loads to drivers with available hours.

  • Boost customer satisfaction with the ability to monitor dispatch progress in real time and communicate up-to-the-minute ETAs.

  • Improve route performance by identifying trends in planned vs. actual performance.

Simplify Dispatch and Ensure Compliance

Samsara’s live-to-the second GPS tracking and intuitively designed ELD ensures that fleets have the most up-to-date, accurate information at their fingertips. Our new integration enables McLeod LoadMaster customers to access HOS and GPS data without having to switch dashboards. With real-time visibility into drivers and vehicles at your fingertips, you can quickly match loads to available drivers and prevent HOS violations.

Boost Customer Satisfaction

Existing Samsara customers already use our dashboard to gain visibility into the progress of active routes. Fleets can see estimated arrival times, completed stops, and whether or not a route is running behind (or ahead of) schedule. Now, if you have Samsara and McLeod, you can access that same data from your McLeod dashboard, making it easier to monitor dispatch progress in real time and boost customer service by communicating up-to-the-minute ETAs.

Improve Route Performance

Not only does this new partnership help improve day-to-day-operations, but you can analyze historical data to operate more efficiently. You can identify overall trends in planned vs. actual performance, such as loads that consistently take longer to complete or routes with frequently missed stops. And, you can act on those insights right in your McLeod dashboard.

Samsara: Making Fleet Data More Business-Relevant

Our partnership with McLeod is part of our continued commitment to helping our customers keep their data and business systems in sync. Over time, we will be working to deepen this integration to allow more types of data to be accessed in McLeod. As Rogacheva noted, “McLeod and Samsara have been critical tools for us to plan and execute routes efficiently. We’re very excited to be able to use these best-of-breed technologies together, so we can continue to provide excellent service to our customers.”

If you are a current Samsara and McLeod customer, contact your McLeod account manager today to request access to our integration beta testing program. If you are not yet a Samsara customer, please get in touch for a free trial!

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