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4 of Our Most Impactful Product Releases of 2022

January 26, 2023

Makayla Crane

Senior Customer Program Manager, Learning & Enablement


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Physical operations keep our world moving, and these companies are moving more than ever before—in 2022 alone, Samsara customers drove over 35 billion miles, a 54% year-over-year increase. To support these businesses with innovative technology and solutions, Samsara released over 150 product features, updates, and upgrades throughout 2022. We’re committed to providing the people that power our economy the data insights they need to operate more safely, efficiently, and sustainably. 

With 2022 wrapped, we’re spotlighting four of our most impactful product releases from the past year and how they apply to our customers' day-to-day operations. These releases range from improved driver workflows to new safety features designed to minimize distracted driving. If you haven’t had a chance to look into all of 2022’s releases, start with these four that will help you make immediate improvements to your business so you can realize ROI faster.

Stay tuned at the end for a bonus release that was unveiled at the beginning of the year for our fleet customers where they gained personal insights into their 2022 performance. 

Actionable Alerts help maintain safer operations and achieve peak efficiency

Siloed business functions often mean a lack of access to the real-time data that enables an operation to take action when it counts: in the moment. With customized alerts and notifications, you can keep operations running smoothly and efficiently.  Introduced in November 2022, redesigned Samsara Alerts empower all Samsara users with versatile and relevant updates to troubleshoot incidents instantly with custom-defined alert triggers and delivery methods. Over 20 types of alerts and dozens of conditional combinations allow you to streamline workflows and improve remote management with features such as Multi-Conditional Alerts, Bulk Geofence Alerts, and Enriched Notifications, complemented by a streamlined interface.  

How you can use Samsara Alerts to improve safety

  • Enforce speeding policies by configuring a multi-condition speeding and geofence alert to automatically get notified by SMS when drivers are speeding in a yard or on a private road. 

  • Create an “Unpowered Asset Movement” alert that triggers when any asset moves within a geofence you’ve marked as a risk zone so you can immediately respond to potential theft.

Learn how to create and configure alerts with this product guide and listen to this episode of The Connected Operations Podcast about ways to use alerts to drive better business results.

Driver workflows ensure drivers complete the correct sequence of tasks throughout their day

Technology that simplifies daily tasks and keeps drivers engaged saves time and resources while providing an enhanced driver experience. Continuously improved throughout 2022, Samsara Driver App workflows automate drivers’ day-to-day with pre-built and customizable sequences of tasks that account for every step of their day with Start-of-Day, Route Stop, and End-of-Day workflows. At each qualifying event, drivers are prompted to complete tasks such as vehicle and trailer selection, pre- and post-trip DVIRs, HOS logs, and even receive reminders to take action in third-party systems. Tasks with deliverables, like reports, are instantly sent to back-office teams to streamline communication, free up time, and keep drivers focused on the road. 

How you can use Samsara Driver App workflows to simplify task sequences: 

  • Prompt a driver to complete a specific document, like a bill of lading, as they transfer goods or make a delivery, or prompt a driver to complete a post-trip inspection for their current trailer as they drop and hook to another.

  • Remind drivers of the tasks they need to complete at the end of each day, like certifying their HOS logs, before they sign out of their Samsara Driver App account.

Learn how to use pre-built or custom Driver App workflows with this product guide.

Mobile Usage Detection improves safety and lowers your preventable accident costs

Mobile device use contributes to 1.6 million vehicle crashes annually, putting safety at risk and money on the line. Rolled out in August 2022 for Dual-Facing AI Dash Cam customers, Mobile Usage Detection minimizes distracted driving by monitoring drivers’ use of a mobile phone device while the vehicle is in motion. Once phone use is detected, three events can be simultaneously triggered—the footage is uploaded to your Safety Inbox and Coaching Queue, in-cab voice coaching alerts the driver to put their device away, and admins receive a real-time notification of the event. Additionally, speed thresholds trigger events once the predetermined speed is reached and phone use is detected. 

Best of 2022 - Mobile Usage

How you can use Samsara Mobile Usage Detection to help keep drivers focused:

  • Keep drivers focused on the road by prompting them to put their phone down with the help of an automated in-cab audio alert that mobile phone use was detected.

  • Reduce the volume of events that land in your Safety Inbox by increasing the speed threshold to 25 MPH or higher.

Learn how to use Mobile Usage Detection with this product guide or head to the webstore to learn more about Samsara AI Dual-Facing Cams.

Log Edits Report streamlines HOS management to help you save time and prevent violations

Admins need to audit driver edits to ensure accuracy and that driver managers are suggesting proper log edits for ELD compliance. Launched in July 2022 for U.S.- and Canada-based fleets, admins can view accepted, rejected, and pending HOS adjustments in a single report to confirm log edits are performed correctly and to avoid downstream issues such as citation risks and payroll discrepancies. Suggested report edits made by admins are sent to drivers to update logged errors around ignoring drive time, team driver swaps, and unassigned driving segments before certification.

Best of 2022 - Log Edits Report

How you can use Samsara Driver Log Edits Report to streamline audits:

  • Minimize back-and-forth conversations with drivers by monitoring incoming logs to send back for correction before certification.

  • Speed up your prioritization of follow-up conversations by filtering by edit type—made by admins or drivers.

Learn how to easily and accurately audit Driver Log Edits with this product guide.

Bonus Release: Year in Review Report wraps up the data you need to evaluate 2022 to prepare for 2023

Our customers spent a lot of time with Samsara in 2022 analyzing and optimizing their businesses, both on-the-road and in-office. With the release of our annual Year in Review report, you can explore aggregated data for a snapshot view of your company’s performance over the last 12 months. Available to all Samsara fleet customers in the U.S. and Canada, your report brings together insights from your trip time and mileage stats, stack-ranked safety trends across your drivers, fleetwide fuel economy metrics, video clips and coaching activity, and API and integration data. The interactive report allows you to dig deeper into important data in a beautiful, easy-to-share format.

How you can use Your 2022 with Samsara report:

  • Use your 2022 data as benchmarks to inform big-picture goals for your business to improve fuel efficiency, Driver Safety Scores, incident rates, and more. 

  • Share results you’re proud of with your team, investors, and customers to celebrate the hard work everyone has done to achieve these milestones.   

Learn how to access “Your 2022 with Samsara” with this product guide.

For a more extensive overview of 2022’s product and feature releases, make sure to watch our recent Year-in-Review Product Quarterly training webinar


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