Samsara Partners with Fontaine Modification to Make Installation Easier for Customers

January 14, 2020

At Samsara, we’re committed to bringing our customers innovative fleet solutions that are easy to implement and use. Today, we’re excited to continue delivering on this commitment by announcing our partnership with Fontaine Modification—North America’s leading provider of post-production truck modifications for OEMs, dealers, and fleets.

“At Fontaine, we strive to ensure our customers receive their vehicles ‘road-ready,'” said Jamil Young, President of Fleet Services at Fontaine. “This means working with leading companies such as Samsara to deliver vehicles with the technology that our customers demand. We’ve had many customers ask if we support Samsara—we’re excited to announce our partnership with Samsara to begin offering installation services to our customers!”

Through this partnership, Fontaine Modification will offer installation for all Samsara hardware, such as Vehicle Gateways, Asset Gateways, AI dash cams, and Environmental Monitors. Samsara hardware can be installed on vehicles from most major truck brands including Ford, International, Volvo, and Freightliner at each of Fontaine’s nine locations across the U.S. When customers pick up their vehicles from Fontaine, they’ll be road-ready with Samsara hardware fully installed, ensuring a faster and easier rollout across their fleet.  

“At Samsara, our customers are always looking for ways to simplify their implementation process,” said Elizabeth Yackley, one of Samsara’s Senior Implementation Consultants. “Partnering with Fontaine will make hardware installation even easier and faster for our customers, which gives them more time to focus on their deployment, driver training, and perfecting the processes needed to deliver value to their organization.”

A customer-first approach

Our partnership with Fontaine is just one way we’re striving to continuously improve our customer experience—we want all our customers to feel Samsara truly suits their fleet’s needs. 

Once your hardware is installed, our top priority is making sure Samsara seamlessly integrates with your existing workforce and workflows. Together, we’ll ensure your employees are fully trained on how to get the most out of Samsara and that your existing suite of tools integrates through the Samsara API.

At Samsara, we’re committed to providing a smooth, successful deployment process so you can quickly start improving your fleet’s safety and efficiency. To learn more about our fleet management solutions and implementation services, schedule a free trial or demo today


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